Wizards Web Week – week 10

What Particularly Caught Our Eye

Wizards Web Week

The Internet, endless expanses. We are on a permanent knowledge journey and always discover new things, but also old things anew. In our focus are topics around management - especially of projects, Apple and its hardware as well as software, but also special like software development or software distribution. We choose websites very subjectively and mostly in the context of our mission.

This week we have a special edition: our staff's favorite projects!

  • pianoscope
    Pianoscope turns your iPhone or iPad into the ultimate assistant for creating high-quality piano tunings.

  • Big Hairy Goal
    A mind-mapping, brainstorming, and progress tracking app for creatives and creators. The app is simple, clean, and easy to use so you can just let your inspiration flow.

  • Airfield EDKL at LSC Bayer Leverkusen
    On the southern edge of the city of Leverkusen, Germany lies the airfield, which with its 1000m long runway is equally suitable for motor and gliders. From the nine-meter high control tower, the air traffic controller has a good overview of the airfield.

  • Athens Marathon - the authentic
    A dream of many athletes, to compete in person at the authentic Athens Marathon , suffer along the iconic route and finish overjoyed.

  • Watch In Motion
    Are you interested in single-hand watches? You've come to the right place.

  • UHE-Design
    Visual communication office (in Germany)

  • The Bloggin' Wizard
    Hints & observations from the boss - mostly in German.

Merlin Project sur Mac et iPad

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