Friday Again Already?

In the last time it happens again regularly that I ask myself at the latest on Friday around noon the question; "Friday noon, where is this week already again"? Yes, I really ask myself this question in this form. And not as the universally quoted TGIF - "Thank God is Friday"; because I like to work! So my motto is IIFRA - "Is it Friday really again?" ;-)

So now I'm taking some time to review selected topics of the last week. Maybe I'll be able to slow down the pace a bit... or what's the consultant term for that: "deceleration".

PM Camp Hamburg

PM Camp Hamburg

Finally, the preparations for the „biggest class reunion of German-speaking project managers" (I like to quote myself) are underway. After a few attempts sabotaged by Covid-19, a new orga team has now been found, which has already found a place and a date:


On May 19 and 20, 2023, the PM Camp will
take place on the premises of ISM Hamburg.

More details will follow very soon. Until then, block the date in your schedule. I will definitely be there!

Merlin Project Reporting With AsciiDoc

One topic that just overwhelmed me was the recent article Merlin Project: Creating a Project Manual as a PDF. It's been a long time since I received so many emails on one topic. Thank you very much for the comments and also for the encouragement to do more in this direction.

I would like to answer a few questions here, since they keep coming up:

  1. Download the documentation for Apple Script for Merlin Project here.
  2. The documentation for Asciidoctor PDF can be found here, but is only available in English.
  3. In the same documentation you can find the theming for the PDF files. Or just click here.
  4. You are welcome to use the cover page for your documents. I have nothing against it.
  5. Of course you may take the script and query another project management software with it. Who can handle so many attachment types - except Merlin Project?
  6. There are no trainings at the moment, which show you more possibilities of cooperation between Merlin Project and Asciidoctor-PDF. But I will talk to the partners in the next days and bring up the topic.

A direct inquiry to a Merlin Project partner of your choice is most certainly an additional motivation to get involved with the topic. I see especially Kathrin Lamm, Gareth Watson from LGO and Brainworks as ideal candidates for this.

LinkedIn As An Impulse Generator

Recently, Jasmin Alić came to my attention. In particular, his article & slideshow about the 7 ways to put magic into words, intrigued me. This is most definitely a great tip for all writing people.

Have a nice weekend,
Frank Blome

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