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Benefits of Managing Projects in a Cloudless Environment

Over the past decade the “cloud” has evolved from the traditional secure client server environment into what most of us use on a daily basis, but are not quite sure what it means. The marketers of our industry have transformed the cloud from what initially was a safe and secure environment into a reality of unsecure data, identify theft, and total loss of any control of any information. This article discusses the benefits of managing a project in a Cloudless environment.

Unsecure Data

Mission critical applications pull from project data that might include customer credit card information, private financial data, or intellectual property. A mission critical application built for defense might include sensitive intelligence data, international economic currency exchange triggers, or even nuclear launch codes. In either case, mission critical application projects should never live in an unsecured cloud environment. One option is to provide a secure environment in which the project can be accessed anytime from anywhere. This environment requires a data center that is often like accessing and managing project data as if authorized users were visiting the information in a maximum-security prison. The other option is to manage the project in a Cloudless environment where the data is always living with the authorized user and cannot be accessed, or compromised, from any source other than the authorized client.

Identity Theft

There was a day in time when your credit card was the only mechanism required to make a purchase. Your phone could only be tracked back to a home or office. Your photos were considered your own personal property not to be shared publically without authorization. However, today the “cloud” has evolved into a source of information waiting to be stolen by self identified cyber criminals all over the world.

Project identity is in danger of the same risks when being managed in a cloud environment. Activity, schedule, and cost data is all open to be compromised in a cloud environment. Think about the impact this information would have if a competitor, financial market, or government had access to the data?

Managing a project in a cloudless environment protects the identity of a project resulting in a positive impact with stakeholders and investors.

Information Control

Projects in the cloud provide the ability to be accessed by anyone, at anytime, from anywhere. Information essentially lives and breathes 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In many cases, the “cloud” provided an infrastructure for organizations to access information worldwide, accelerate project schedules, and reduce project costs resulting in amazing opportunity for efficiency and profitability.

However, is the opportunity worth sharing control with anyone, anywhere, at any given time? There is an element of control that is sacrificed my managing a project in a cloud environment. There is no longer one central point of control. In fact, control of the project can realistically be shared everywhere, with everyone, all the time! It is for these reasons managing a project in a cloudless environment is worthwhile considering.

Managing “Cloudless” Projects

Securing imperative mission critical project data, protecting the identity of a project, and project information control are the main reasons why Merlin has chosen to manage projects in a “cloudless” environment.

About ProjectWizards

Merlin Project is a software solution built by ProjectWizards used to manage projects for the apple business community. We believe that good software gives people the power to perform complex tasks with ease. For this reason, we are working hard to afford you the opportunity to experience our magic with project management applications. This is why, from day one, we have used the Apple macOS and iOS platforms as the best possible environment for our products. We work remotely from many beautiful locations in Germany and the USA, and still act as one cohesive team. A large network of reliable global partners helps us realize our notion of software worldwide.

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