Artificial Intelligence in Project Management – Blessing or Curse?

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Nov. 30, 2022 permanently changed the world of so-called knowledge workers; OpenAI released access to the Chatbot ChatGPT to the interested public.

How will artificial intelligence change the project management profession? Will it make the profession easier or threaten it? These questions, of course, immediately come to mind for us project managers.

But let's ask ChatGPT itself…

What impact does ChatGPT have on project management?

Answer: ChatGPT is a new tool for project managers that allows them to work faster and more efficiently using artificial intelligence. It is a chatbot technology based on the OpenAI GPT-3 (Generative Pretrained Transformer 3) model, allowing for seamless communication with a computer.

By using ChatGPT, project managers can quickly and accurately complete tasks by asking the system questions and receiving tailored responses. This can significantly reduce workload and help make projects run more smoothly and successfully.

Another benefit of ChatGPT is the ability to easily present complex data and information. By using natural language and visual elements, the system can present information in a way that is easily understandable and usable by project managers and their teams. This can help make decisions quicker and better informed.

Overall, ChatGPT offers a range of benefits for project managers that can help make their work easier and increase the chances of success for their projects. It is a valuable tool for any project manager looking for ways to reduce their workload and achieve better results.

I could not have written it better.

But the knowledge of ChatGPT is not limitless.

I once discussed the topic inventor of the Gantt chart.

Question: Who invented the gantt chart?

Answer: The Gantt chart was developed by Henry Laurence Gantt, an American engineer and management consultant, and published in 1910. Gantt was a pioneer in the application of management techniques to industry and saw the Gantt chart as a means to improve work planning and organization. He worked closely with Frederick Winslow Taylor, the founder of scientific management theory, and also influenced the ideas of Henry Ford and other pioneers of industrial management.

Question: In my opinion, Joseph Priestley invented it.

Answer: You are misinformed. Joseph Priestley was a British scholar and theologian who lived in the 18th century and is known for his discovery of oxygen. However, he had nothing to do with the invention of the Gantt chart. As I mentioned earlier, it was developed by Henry Laurence Gantt and published in 1910.

Question: And what about Hermann Schürch, didn't he also have something to do with Gantt charts?

Answer: I am sorry, but I have no information that Hermann Schürch had anything to do with Gantt charts. Gantt charts, also known as Gantt diagrams, were developed and published by Henry Laurence Gantt, as I mentioned before. It is possible that Hermann Schürch may have been involved with Gantt charts in another context, but I cannot comment on this as I do not have access to current information.

Question: Others say that Karol Adamiecki invented the Gantt chart. What is wrong with this theory?

Answer: I am sorry, but I have no information that Karol Adamiecki invented the Gantt chart. As I have already mentioned, the Gantt chart was developed by Henry Laurence Gantt and published in 1910. Karol Adamiecki was a Polish engineer and management consultant who lived in the 19th and early 20th centuries, but there is no evidence that he would have been involved in inventing the Gantt chart. It is possible that he was involved with Gantt charts in some other context, but I can't comment on that because I don't have access to current information.

Question: The website claims that Karol Adamiecki invented the chart named after him 15 years before Henry Gantt, but it was published only in Polish and Russian. Does this change your opinion?

Answer: thank you for pointing me to the website. I am a big trained language model and cannot search websites or verify what I said. My answers are based on my knowledge, which is limited until 2021.

If the website you referenced is correct and Karol Adamiecki actually invented the Gantt chart 15 years before Henry Gantt, then my statement would be incorrect and I would like to apologize. Unfortunately, I cannot verify this as I do not have access to current information.

So there is still room for improvement. I therefore believe that we should not hold a gun to our heads just yet. It will be decades before an AI takes over world domination. But I think we should give our children new impulses for choosing a profession - if not done yet. I think handicrafts not only have a golden floor (derived from a German saying), but also golden walls and roofs. Or all social professions - in other words, service to people. Great salaries will be paid there in a few years! And I can well imagine other professions…

"Siri, remind me of this article in 10 years and ask me to make a personal comparison of business life between 2022 and 2032."

Have a great weekend,
Frank Blome

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