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Training terms

  1. These training terms are valid for all contracts signed with ProjectWizards GmbH. Other business terms will not be applicable.

  2. These training terms only apply when you are a company. They do not apply for individuals.

  3. When registering for a training your registration will show up as offer to conclude a teaching contract.

  4. A training contract will only be concluded when we expressly confirm the conclusion. To send an invoice is such an acceptance. Confirming the receipt of your application is no conclusion of a contract.

  5. As regards the costs of our trainings, the prices published in advance are valid and can be called from our website www.projectwizards.net/en/support/trainings. For individually agreed on-site or online trainings the actually individual agreed prices are valid as well as the regulations as off section 10 ff. of these training terms. Immediately upon conclusion of a teaching contract you will receive an invoice for the training fee. It is agreed that you have to pay in advance. You may only take part in a training course when the invoice has been completely paid in advance. In case of non-payment there is no right of participation.

  6. Taking into consideration the following conditions we entitle you to cancel our contract. This granted right of cancellation does not apply for on-site or online trainings (see section 10 ff. of these training terms).
    Up to two weeks prior to the booked training, rescission is possible at any time without giving any reasons. They have to be made in written.
    When receiving your cancellation at least one month prior to the booked training, we will only invoice an administrative charge to the amount of EUR 30.00 plus tax per participant. When receiving your cancellation up to three weeks prior to the booked training 25 % of the trainings fee plus tax will have to be paid. When receiving your cancellation at least two weeks prior to the booked training 50 % of the agreed trainings fee plus tax per participant have to be paid. It is not possible to cancel the participation on the training within two weeks prior to the booked training.

  7. The right of an extraordinary cancellation of the contract for any important reason remains unaffected from this cancellation regulation.

  8. We reserve the right to cancel the closed contract when the minimum quantity of participants mentioned in your confirmation has not been reached or if the trainer will not be available. Already paid training fees will be refunded in this case.

  9. We reserve the right to postpone the date for the training. In case you are not able to take part in the training on another date, the training fee will be refunded.

  10. The creation of recordings in image and/or sound are generally not permitted. This prohibition also includes, in particular, the electronic storage of online training sessions.

  11. On the basis of individual agreements we are carrying through on-site and online trainings in your company. You may ask us for the prices for such on-site and online trainings at any time. For on-site and online trainings the mutual and in written agreed prices are valid.

  12. In addition to the agreed training fees for an on-site training you will be charged with actual amount of the costs for travel and adequate accommodation occurring for our trainer. Whereby – in case of driving by car - we will charge you with set traveling expenses of 0.95 EUR per driven kilometer. In this mileage the expenditure of time is enclosed and therefore settled. There will be no separate charging of the driving time.

  13. Our invoice is due immediately upon receipt. A cash discount deduction is not granted.

  14. Your payment will at least be delayed when we have not received it within 30 days after due date and receipt of the invoice for the executed on-site or online training. In addition we are entitled to set your payment as default before passing these 30 days by sending you a reminder.

  15. In default of payment, you owe us default interest of at least 8% above the base interest rate. We reserve the right to file a claim for an additional default damage (further interest, lawyer's fees).

  16. In case you are businessman, a corporate body under public law or a separate assets under public law court of jurisdiction is Osnabrueck, Germany. This regulation of the court of jurisdiction does not apply for consumers. The court of jurisdiction is not exclusively for us. We do also have the right to take legal proceedings at an other court of jurisdiction.

  17. In case any or several regulation of this training terms shall be invalid or become invalid, the parties agree to replace it by a regulation that comes as close as possible to the legal and commercial intend.

If you have any questions concerning these training terms, we will be happy to hear from you.

(As of July 2023)

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