Time Management is Everything


Merlin Project is a professional project management application through and through. As such, it includes all the relevant options you need for time management in your projects.

Learn in this blog post what an important role time has in the planning of your projects.

What is Time Management?

Projects and the tasks they require to be completed can be planned within a given time frame. The statement "time is money" may be taken at face value and literally in projects. After all, every delay costs more money and can mean a quick depletion of the project budget before completion. This means that if you stay within the planned and specified time frame in your projects, you will usually keep costs under control as well.

In project management, time is a major component of the overall planning approach. The Gantt chart is a well-tried representation for a project on a time scale. The timing of the bars and their beginning and end is shown. Only when a task bar is finished, a following linked task can start. Along with labor and cost, time is thus one of the three important pillars in project management.

With the Gantt chart you have one of the most common representations of project management available for your team and all project participants. Using the timeline, each project stage can be read and classified in terms of time over the entire course of the project.

Gantt view in Merlin Project

The Gantt view is therefore an excellent way to see the chronological relationships in the project. However, However, Merlin Project also allows you to schedule the times of the resources involved in the project, as well as holidays and regular individual working hours, such as vacation times. The best thing is that once you have created a project in Merlin Project, you can adjust the times and exceptions at any time and as often as you like. This also directly adjusts the planning of the project based on the specifications of the time.

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In the tutorial "Setting Up Working Time in Project's Calendars for Professionals" you can learn more about the integration of already existing ics calendars in Merlin Project. This option will be a great help when planning your projects!

Why is Time Management Important?

The advantages of time management are obvious. Every project can be timed and planned with appropriate time buffers. Time management is about managing the time spent and progress made on each project task and activity. For optimal project time management, all project tasks must be planned, given deadlines, monitored and controlled.

If you, as a project manager, know the time required for current and future projects in your company, you will be able to plan particularly reliably and efficiently. This allows you to plan the available projects as efficiently as possible in every respect and to complete them successfully.

With the "Progress" view, for example, ongoing projects can be monitored particularly well in terms of their progress and adjusted in the event of possible delays. This means that you always have an overview and can keep an eye on deadlines at all times and react accordingly.

Progress in Merlin Project

Another aspect of time management is the fact that the progress of the project can be seen very well in the graphical representation. This information helps you to keep track of the current and future situation in the project. Delays and other problems are prevented in a timely manner by appropriate countermeasures and solutions.


Time plays an immense role in your projects. By keeping track of the time and progress of your projects, you can better control a variety of important aspects, such as labor, costs, resources, and the problems that may be associated with them.

Especially the Gantt view allows you to have an excellent overview of time for the whole project and its content, for example, to determine possible time factors and thus also the associated costs and risks in the course of the project.

We hope you enjoy using Merlin Project and appreciate every good review!

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