Preview of the "" in macOS Ventura

Mail in macOS Ventura

From the series of practical, new features from Apple: This blog post is about the new version of "" in macOS Ventura. At WWDC22, Apple showed a preview of the new macOS Ventura operating system coming in the fall.

The "" in macOS is an application that is often needed, especially in everyday work. Apple will provide its mail program in the upcoming macOS Ventura with some handy features, below are our favourites.

Send Mails Time-controlled

Sending messages in "" will be extended by a time control in the future. This makes it easy to send mails at a specific time. For this purpose there is an arrow next to the send symbol, offering a few additional options.

Mail time options

The first option allows you to send the composed mail immediately to the recipient. The second option "tomorrow" will send the message next morning at 8 am. A third option allows precise scheduling.

Mail scheduling

Here you have the date and time for sending. So all mails can be sent at any time. As we think, a great and long overdue feature in!

Add Rich Links to Mails

Rich links are now a very popular option in many applications and websites. This way, links you enter appear with a corresponding preview.

URL addresses are underlined as a blue link in the "" and can be called with a mouse click in the preset web browser. In the future, if you click the arrow to the right of the link, the option "Convert to Rich Link" will appear.

Mail Rich-Link

If you select this option, a large, graphic preview will replace the inconspicuous URL. Your e-mails get a visual and informative boost without a lot of effort.

Mail Rich-Link inside

Smart Feature

Finally, a very useful feature will improve sending mails for many of us. Who has not experienced this: the mail sent, an attachment was mentioned within the text, but the file itself had not been attached. This will soon be a thing of the past, Apple's Mail will remind us using a smart feature on forgotten attachments and mail addresses before the mail goes out to the recipients.

Merlin Project and ""

With Merlin Project, you've always been able to drag and drop messages from the "" as attachments into your projects. Of course, this remains the case with the new "" version.

Our Support recommends!

Do not use Apple beta pre-release versions on your productive devices. It is not guaranteed that these versions will work properly and it may not be possible to work on your devices with them! Always use the official and up-to-date versions of the operating systems provided by Apple.

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