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This blog post, from the series of practical new features from Apple, with which you can benefit at work and in everyday life, is about the new feature "Live Text". With supported iOS/iPadOS devices, text in photos is recognized and can be copied or translated effortlessly.


Photos is an integral part of all Apple operating systems and free of charge. It can be used to manage pictures and photos, sort them into albums and edit them extensively. The Live Text feature allows even more practical possibilities with photos and images.

Photo Live Text

Live Text

Live Text appears in the bottom right corner when the AI detects text and other content in the image. Simply tap on text areas in the image, they will be highlighted and can be copied, looked up and translated into other languages. For more information, see the Live Text guide at Apple.

Our support recommends!

Live Text is great for copying content from images, photos and web pages and pasting it into Merlin Project project files. No more tedious typing.

Call and e-mail

Recognize addresses

Live Text also recognizes phone numbers, addresses and email addresses on its own. This makes this information directly available to you at any time without typing.

This technology allows you to easily and quickly digitize written content in your environment and convert it into text. Try it out, it works amazingly well and is really a useful help in all situations of life.

Publicado por Antoni Cherif on 19.04.2022 en Productos
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