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The export function in Merlin Project lets you use numerous export text file formats from other applications.

Do you regularly need to export your activities in a calendar file whereby some should be transferred as events with time and others as all-day events?

This is how you can configure your publish actions for this purpose.

Please open the ,Demo Document' first. You'll find it in Merlin Project's Help menu.

Call ,Publish > Settings' and insert a new Calendar publishing action.

We can call this ,Small Activity' and define a filter as shown in the following two screenshots:

Export small activity
Export small activity

Make sure you've disabled the ,Create all-day events' option.
Select a calendar from the list of the existing calendars in the Calendar app, or create a new one. This is the calendar the publish action will write your activities into as events with time.

Now insert one further publish action by clicking again onto ,+' and select Calendar.

We can call it ,Big Activity' and define it as in the following two screenshots:

Export big activity
Export big activity

Make sure you've enabled this time the ,Create all-day events' option and selected the same calendar as in the last publish action.

Now you can click on ,Publish' and let Merlin perform the configured actions.

Please open in the Calendar application the calender you've just published to. Check the events of July 2014 in the week from 14th to 18th.

It should be similar to the following screenshot:

Exported events in calendar

You can transfer different project content (activities, assignments or events) in one calendar and combine thus publishing actions.

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