Paths for Merlin files
General information

While using Merlin 2 various files will get created on specified paths in the file system. Here you find their possible locations:

~/Library/Application Support/Merlin/Library/Library contents
~/Library/Application Support/Merlin/Licenses/License files
~/Library/Application Support/Merlin/Project Templates/Project templates
~/Library/Application Support/Merlin/Reports/Report templates
~/Library/Application Support/Merlin/Searches/Saved advanced searches
~/Library/Application Support/Merlin/Workspaces/Customized Workspaces, styles and column sets
Special feature of the license files

Should you drag & drop a license file onto Merlin's application icon or in the Licenses tab of the Merlin's Preferences, Merlin will always install them in the License path of the current user:

  • ~/Library/Application Support/Merlin/Licenses

If needed you can move the license files manually in one of the following paths:

  • For all user on this Mac OS X
    /Library/Application Support/Merlin/Licenses/
  • For all user in the network
    /Network/Library/Application Support/Merlin/Licenses/

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