Merlin has a powerful built in reporting system. To help most users, Merlin comes bundled with a group of pre-defined report templates. Reports can be either printed, e-mailed or made into PDFs.

How to create a report

  1. Open the project for which you would like to create a report for
  2. Select "File - New Report…"
  3. Select the desired template then click "Ok"

Once you are in the reports preview dialogue, you will be presented with several tool bar buttons. You can use these toolbar buttons to further interact with the reports, send them to other applications or modify the template you are pre-viewing.


At any time, you can easily change the current report template. Click the "Template" button and a sheet will list all the available templates.


Some reports can be further modified. These changes can be made by clicking on the "Options" button.


If you happen to change your project file while previewing your reports, you can refresh the report by pressing the "Refresh" button.

Create E-mail

To send the previewed report by eMail. Press the "Create E-Mail" button and Merlin will do the rest. Merlin will create a PDF of the report and attach it to a new email message.


Press this button if you wish to save your report. You can save your report as either a PDF or HTML file.


If you wish to print your report, press the "Print" button and you will be presented with the standard Mac OS X print dialogue.

Reports Logo

If you wish to include a specific logo or image in place of the standard "Merlin" logo, you can do is the project settings

Customizing or creating new reports

As the requirements for reports can vary from case to case, customization of reports might be necessary. Merlin reports use two distinct technologies for generating their content. XML/XSLT and Weblitz. Currently, the only way to modify or create new reports is programmatically.

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