Project Settings

Here you can make changes that are specific to the project you are working on. These settings take effect when the project file is opened by Merlin.

You will find the basic settings for your project under the “General” tab


All basic financial data is entered here:

  • The currency symbol represents the project currency. A currency conversion does not take place.
  • Default Work and Overtime Rate: The default rates for regular and overtime rate are always used whenever resources with no specific rate is assigned.
Work Units

Define the length of the work day, week and month, taking the possible number of work hours into account.

Default Work: You can define the default work for newly created tasks here.

Cal. Durations Unit: You can allow Merlin to choose the right Calendar Duration time unit or force it to use a specific time unit through out the entire project. Manually entered values will retain the units they were entered in.

Date Presets

The status date can be used to view the status of the project on this specified date.

Dynamic Shifting Enable this option if you wish Merlin to start newly created tasks on the project status date, which defaults to the system's current date. This option also moves all the tasks that haven't started to the project status date depending whether you want to shift expected values or expected and planned values. This feature is ideal for Agile Project Management.

Status Date: Choose the date you want Merlin to use as the status date. By default, Merlin uses the current date as the status date.

First day of the week: Choose which day marks the start of a working week.

Value Lists

All the contents of the Elements’ pop-up lists are available in the value lists.

The following lists are available:

  1. Cost
  2. File
  3. Information
  4. Issue
  5. Resource
  6. Risk

How do you insert new values in a list:

  1. Select the relevant list from the “For:” pop-up menu.
  2. Click the section of the list where you would like to insert a new entry.
  3. Click on the button "Add" to insert the new entry.
  4. Drag the new entry upwards or downwards to change its order.

How do you delete a value from a list:

  1. Select the relevant list from the “For:” pop-up menu.
  2. Select the entry you would like to delete.
  3. Press the delete or the backspace key.

This is a collection of project settings that don't belong to any other category.



Resources share their work: Determines Merlin's behavior when adding more than one assignment to a specific activity. When disabled, resources will double up. This will cause a warning by Merlin, which indicates the amount of work the resources have is more than the activity work they are assigned to. When enabled, the resources share the activity work split evenly between them.


Hide from anonymous users: When enabled, other clients remotely opening files on this system will not see this file on the list shared projects Merlin is serving. This is useful if you wish to share the project over the network, but want it to get displayed for authenticated users only.

Project Image:

You can drag and drop any image into this location. This image will be used in reports. PNG format is preferred.

How to access Project Settings for Combined Projects

When you call up the project settings for combined projects you will notice a small triangle in the title row of the Project Settings window:

When the title of such a project is clicked, all contained projects are displayed in a menu. To access the settings for a project contained in the combined project, select the desired project in the menu.

This way it is possible to manage individual project settings even for linked/combined projects.

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