The Library is a source for project specific information that can be used via dragging and dropping a variety of objects into the project. The Library contains a wide range of documents and activities, which are useful for general projects.

You can use the library to store you own activities snippets so you can use them later on.

Working with the Library

You can easily access the Library with the Library icon toolbar button, by using the menu "Window - Show/Hide Library" or the shortcut F3. The following properties can be found in the Library when you first start Merlin:

the Library

Address Book: The Library uses the addresses from Mac OS X Address Book and MS Entourage as a basis for project resources. The source application can be defined in the Preferences.

Documents: It is now possible to access important documents at any time during the project. By customizing this part of the Library with your own documents, Merlin allows you to create a valuable core of information that can continuously expand.

Elements: You will also find the elements in the Library. They can be easily allocated to any activity by drag & drop.

Activities: Merlin allows you to drag and drop individual activities or phases (groups) into your project. This is very useful for iterative process such as Agile project management.

Working with Addresses in the Library

To allocate a resource to an activity, drag the address directly onto the relevant activity. If this address is not already contained within the project, Merlin will add this automatically as a resource in the resource list.

You can also drag the addresses from the Library directly into the resource list in the additional area to define them as resources for the project.

Working with Elements in the Library

Drag the desired Element onto an activity, group or project. Merlin attaches the Element immediately to the selected object ready for editing or modifying.

Working with Activities in the Library

When you drag an activity from the Library and drop it onto the target activity (or group) in the outline, Merlin creates a group out of the target activity. The activity dragged from the Library can be found within this group.

You can also place an activity (or a group) from the Library between other activities in the outline.

Working with Files in the Library

When you drag a file from the Library onto an activity, Merlin automatically creates the File Element and attaches it to this activity. This can then be edited in the Elements section.

Finding Contents in the Library

There are two ways in which you can find desired contents in the Library. You either browse by clicking through the Library structure or you search for the desired object by specifying the relevant name in the Library search field.

The Structure

All of the Library’s contents are categorized so that they can be located easily. For example, to attach a RUP method file (abbreviation for "Rational Unified Process" - read more in Wikipedia) as a File Element, click on the documents folder, which is located in the left column of the Library. In the right column the Library will display all the sub-categories of this folder. You will also find the folder "RUP." By clicking on this folder you will be offered all documents contained in the content list. Select the desired document and simply drag this to the relevant activity. Merlin automatically creates the File Element and attaches it to the activity.

The Search Field

A second, and not less comfortable, option for finding contents in the Library is to search for the name of the file. Enter the key word in the search field located on top of the Library sections. As soon as you enter the first letter, Merlin starts searching and lists all the contents found in the Library. Further specification of the key words will help Merlin reduce the list of matches.

Merlin searches only for the names. A search with regards to the contents does not take place. The list of the categories displayed will match the key words entered. The same applies for the sub-categories. Click on a sub-category and Merlin will display all the matches in the content list. In this case as well, simply drag the desired content and drop it into your project.

Customizing the Library

The Library can be expanded by each respective user. To do this, simply drag the desired objects into the Library window. The following project contents can be dragged into the Library:

  • Activities
  • Elements
  • Documents

It is even possible to drag files from the Finder into the Library. Simply grab the file in the Finder with the mouse and drop it into the Library window.

Settings for the Library

In Merlin’s application preferences you will find a separate icon for the Library. In this section you may customize how the Library displays its contents, change the location for writable folders and select the source for addresses. More details on customizing the Library can be found in the section Preferences.

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