Limiting Date Range

To limit the time span of a Gantt chart display, use the limiting date range feature.

How to limit the date range

  1. Choose "View - Limit Date Range" or click on the button.
  2. The Limit Date Range dialogue will appear.
  3. Select the "A range of the project" radio button.
  4. Define the "From" and "To" dates
  5. You can also enable any one of the following options
    • Hide rows not in range: This options hides all the expected bars in the Gantt that are out of the selected range. Be aware of leaving this mode active when sharing the file with other users as it might mislead them.
    • Hide planned values: To complement the above option, you can also hide the planned values (grey bars).
    • Consider Gantt labels when hiding: Enabling this will increase the Gantt display range to the left side of the Gantt to accommodate for displaying text information to the left side of the bars.

Note: The "Limit Date Range" button indicates whether a date range limit is in effect or not. Here is how:

  • Indicates that there is not data range limit
  • Indicates that there is a date range limit in effect.

How to remove the date range limit

  1. Choose "View - Limit Date Range" or click on the Date Range Limit button button to show the dialogue box
  2. Select "The complete project"
  3. Click on OK

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