Importing Files
Import Formats

You can import the following formats

  • MS Project (.mpx, .mpp, .xml)
  • OmniOutliner (.ooutline, .oo3)
  • OmniPlan (.omniplan)
  • NovaMind (.nmind)
  • MindManager (.mmap)
  • Merlin 1 (.merlin)
  • Merlin 2 (.xml)
  • Text files (.txt, .csv, .tsv)
  • OPML files (.opml)

How to import your file

  1. Drag & Drop your file onto the Merlin icon. Merlin will immediately start importing the file.
  2. Alternatively, you can import the file by using the "File - Open" menu item.
MS Project

Merlin can import .mpx, .xml, and .mpp MS Project formats. There are a few limitations that need to be considered:

  • mpp files of MS Project 2010 or older can be imported.
  • Budgets and base costs are not imported.
  • Base plans are not imported.
  • Besides "Actual Start," "Actual End" and "% Complete," no other actual values are imported.
  • Grade resource prices are not imported
  • Split activities or reoccurring activities are not imported.
  • WBS codes are not imported.
  • User value fields are not imported.
  • The priority range of 0-1000 is displayed in Merlin's priorities as very low, low, normal, high, very high.
  • Linked projects are not imported.
  • Resource leveling values are not imported.
Omni Outliner
  • The structure is imported as defined in Outliner.
  • Attached files are converted to File Elements in Merlin.
  • Attached URLs are converted to Information Elements in Merlin.
MindManager and NovaMind
  • The structure of the tree and its branches
  • The attached resources
  • The duration
  • The relationships (links)
  • The priorities

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