Export to MS Project

Merlin supports exporting your Merlin project file to Microsoft Project

How to export your Merlin project to MS Project

  1. Go to "File - Export…"
  2. Select desired file format. We recommend XML as it is well documented by Microsoft.
  3. Click "Next…"
  4. Select the destination you wish to save your exported file to
MS Project Export Notes:
  • Activities:
    • The activity budgets and the base costs are not exported.
    • Of the four date restrictions offered by Merlin per activity, a maximum of one is exported.
    • The start and end of an activity are always exported in the same direction (ASAP, ALAP).
    • The percent values of durations and work are exported with absolute values.
    • Work values are always exported only in the "hours" unit.
    • The behavior of the "Optimize Duration" button of an activity cannot be displayed in the export.
    • Date restrictions and dependencies of assignments are not exported.
    • Linked projects are exported as one project.
    • At present the following columns are not exported: Remaining Work, Actual Work, Actual Work Overtime, Last Report Date
    • Description text is exported without the formatting.
    • When using the .mpx format, material resources are exported as work resources.
    • WBS code format cannot be exported.
  • Resources
    • Reasons for calendar exceptions are not exported.
  • Elements
    • Elements are not exported.

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