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To run Merlin products, you will need a Mac computer on which at least macOS 10.11.6 is installed.


We recommend to always use the latest version of the operating system. At the moment this is macOS Mojave (10.14).

Read about all details regarding new features, changes and fixed issues for each product's versions in the release notes.

Merlin Server is an add-on to the basic software Merlin Project.

Merlin Project is the project management application for macOS. You install it on your local Mac. Your projects are generated and maintained there. Whenever you like to work at the same time or together with others (project members or devices), you may use Merlin Server.

Merlin Server is a separate product which has to be installed on a Mac of yours. It is no cloud service. You require either a subscription for Merlin Project or Merlin Project Go plus a license for Merlin Server.

How does Merlin Server work exactly?

Publish your project via Merlin Server. Other project members or devices can then subscribe to that project - e. g. with Merlin Project Go on the iPhone or iPad. The project file will be loaded on your device and also only modified there.

Whenever this device is connected to the internet, the local Merlin Project will try to communicate with Merlin Server, in order to synchronize modifications.

You do not have to do anything special to sync changes, it all happens in the background. In case you are offline, Merlin Project will wait patiently until you are back online to sync the latest changes.

Merlin Project's featurerichness is addressed to the professional project manager.

Merlin Project Express has been optimized and reduced to the main features for home and semi-professional users.

Refer to our comparison of functions for further details.

No. Merlin products are only available for the Apple operating system (macOS, iOS). At the moment, we do not plan on extending support to other operating systems.

Yes, you can test all our products free of charge before you decide to subscribe to it or buy a license. The trial period for Merlin Project and Merlin Server is 30 days. Merlin Project Go and Merlin Project Express start with a 14 days trial.

The demo version contains all features. After subscribing to the app or buying a license, the demo will be unlocked to a unlimited version and you can continue working with the already entered data.

You will find the prices for our products as well as the links to the different online stores here.

We have drawn up a summary of the license fees for the different Merlin versions.

  • Subscribe to Merlin Project directly from within the application. You will find the subscription management directly in the preferences of the app (more details are available in the quickguide). Additionally Merlin Project is also available in the Mac App Store.

  • The subscription for Merlin Project Go can be signed at the App Store.

  • The Merlin Project Express subscription is available at the App Store. Optionally you will find it at the Setapp subscription service.

  • Merlin Server is not available on subscription, but can be purchased as an unlimited license in our online shop or directly from us.

The former version Merlin Project 4 is not available online anymore, but only upon request.

We have integrated a simple and clear license management in Merlin Project. This is automatically activated as of the 2nd license in a subscription.

You can subscribe centrally from within the application for the required number of users and receive a list of license codes. Forward this code to the individual user by e-mail, text message, or as plain text for activating his or her team device.

With the login set by you, you can manage your subscription in Merlin Project, purchase additional licenses or cancel it. Canceled licenses will continue to run until the end of the current billing period.

In the license overview you can enter the name and e-mail address of the user next to the license code. If an employee leaves the company, you can withdraw his or her license and assign it to another employee.

A big advantage besides the central administration of all Merlin Project licenses in your company is also the fact that

  • as soon as the subscription contains 10 or more licenses, our volume discount is automatically deducted.
  • the price per license is the same for the entire subscription.
  • you do not have to enter the payment details for each individual subscription, as these are stored.

Note: The central license management is only available if the software was downloaded from our website and not from the Mac App Store. For Apple, each purchase is billed individually per user, and volume discounts are not available there.

Yes, you can also find Merlin Project, Merlin Project Express and Merlin Project Go in the App Store.

Download the software and start the subscription directly from within the application.

No: We have deliberately decided to offer Merlin Project, Merlin Project Express and Merlin Project Go on subscription only.

So you can constantly benefit from the improvements and enhancements in the software, without having to purchase them separately as updates.

Also, if you temporarily do not have a project to work on, you are free to cancel the subscription and re-subscribe again at a later date. Your data will be retained even without a current subscription and you can use the software in "read-only mode".

As an alternative to the annual subscription we offer a 3-year license. This is not automatically renewed. If you are interested, please email us.

Merlin Server is still available as perpetual license.

Yes. As soon as a Merlin Project subscription contains 10 or more licenses, our tiered volume discount is automatically deducted.

From 10 licenses -> 5% discount
From 20 licenses -> 10% discount
From 30 licenses -> 15% discount
From 50 licenses -> 20% discount
From 80 licenses -> 25% discount
From 100 licenses -> 30% discount

Please note, these discounts are only available when the app has been downloaded from our website not in the Mac App Store. Apple does not offer volume discounts.

Sí, con una prueba suficiente, puede beneficiarse de nuestro 50% de descuento en educación e investigación sobre el precio de lista para Merlin Project y Merlin Server.

Envíenos por correo electrónico su prueba válida (por ejemplo, foto de su identificación de estudiante) y recibirá un código de cupón, que ingresará cuando se registre para la suscripción a Merlin Project o durante la compra de la licencia de Merlin Server. El descuento se toma automáticamente en cuenta.

Desafortunadamente, Apple no otorga un descuento edu en la App Store. No puede suscribirse a Merlin Project, Merlin Project Go y Merlin Project Express a un precio reducido. Se puede encontrar más información para clientes sobre educación en el sitio web de Apple.

Setapp ofrece un descuento para estudiantes del 50% por la suscripción. Tendrá que registrarse con el correo electrónico de su institución educativa para recibir el patrimonio de Merlin Project Express. Más información para alumnos y estudiantes ha sido compilada por Setapp.

¿Desea equipar todo el curso de gestión de proyectos con licencias para Merlin Project? También ofrecemos licencias gratuitas y de tiempo limitado para profesores. Los detalles se pueden encontrar aquí.

Los diferentes descuentos no se pueden combinar entre sí.

Yes. We support Non-profits and charities with a discount of 50% off the list price for Merlin Project and Merlin Server.

As soon as we have received proof (send to, we will mail you a coupon code. Please enter it when subscribing to Merlin Project or purchasing a Merlin Server license in order to receive the discount.

The discount is only available for subscriptions via our store operated by Paddle. If you prefer subscribing at the App Store, you need to contact Apple directly for any kind of discounts.

Our prices include sales tax (Value Added Tax, Goods and Service Tax).

Payment processing is handled by an external service provider who also takes care of compliance with global and complex tax guidelines.

For customers from EU member states who enter a valid VAT identification number, the VAT will be deducted.

Yes. In this case, you may take out the subscription directly via a website. Here is the link to our web shop. Payment can be made by credit card and PayPal.

No. We do not offer subscriptions to different Merlin products in a bundle.

Not every customer needs all versions of our software, therefore we have decided not to combine different product versions to one subscription.

Merlin Project, Merlin Project Express and Merlin Project Go are individual products for different operating systems (macOS and iOS) and scopes. They require individual subscriptions.

If you have questions regarding subscriptions in the App Store, you will find some answers on the Apple help page.

No. Merlin Project is available on subscription only. This requires that payment information (credit card or PayPal) is entered for the recurrently payment of subscription fees. Thus customers have to subscribe themselves and this cannot be done by third parties.

As an alternative to the annual subscription, we offer a 3-year license, which does not expire automatically, but after 3 years. This license is not available online, but only directly from us. Payment must be made in advance by bank transfer or PayPal. If you are interested, please email us.

If you are interested in our affiliate system please contact us.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. During this time you can cancel your purchase at any time.

Email us including details of your purchase

  • order number and date.
  • email address used to purchase the license
  • name/company

We will then take care of everything for you.

Your subscription is managed by the service you subscribed to, i. e. Paddle, App Store or Setapp. You may access your account from within the app or go to your service's account and manage the subscription there.

Open the application preferences and switch to the subscription tab. After clicking on Manage Subscription, you may

  • Extend Subscription - You may add additional licenses to your subscription, so that it can be used on more then 2 devices.
  • Cancel Subscription - The app can be used until the end of the subscribed period and will expire thereafter. Your data will remain available without subscription and the software can be used in "read only mode".
  • Payment Information - You may adjust your credit card or PayPal details for the next payment.

Apple has summarized all details on the App Store subscription management in a support article.

Setapp answers any questions on the subscription management in the support section of their website.

The respective billing provider will issue an invoice after the subscription or purchase of the license have been processed. You can then print these out for your accounting department.

  • After collecting the payment, Paddle will send you an e-mail confirmation. This includes a link to your receipt. You can access it online and add your billing details.

  • MyCommerce will e-mail you the order confirmation and invoice, as well as the license file as soon as the order has been processed.

  • As usual, the invoice from the App Store will be issued and sent directly from Apple.

The basis for the calculation of individual currencies is the price in EURO. Only the prices in US dollars (USD), pound sterling (GBP) and Swiss francs (CHF) were set by us. The currency, on the other hand, depends on the country selected.

The exchange rate is subject to fluctuations and is determined by our billing partner. It is out of our control.

To subscribe to the Merlin Project you can choose between credit card and PayPal. The data will be stored by our billing partner for the recurring annual payments.

For the purchase of a Merlin Server license you additionally have the option to pay by bank transfer.

When you subscribe to the App Store, Apple uses the deposited payment option.

Payment by purchase order is not possible.

You can activate up to 2 personal devices with one subscription. However, the software can only concurrently run on one single device at the same time.

  • Subscribe for Merlin Project or Merlin Project Express from within the application.

  • Afterwards you may unlock the second device with your credentials (e-mail and password) via "Manage Existing Subscription"

No, that is not possible. The subscriptions have different terms and access data, which cannot be combined. Each subscription requires a unique login and payment date.

In order to combine several current subscriptions into one to simplify administration and benefit from the volume discounts, we propose the following procedure:

  • Cancel all but one of your existing subscriptions. The subscriptions continue until the end of the individual term. You can use the remaining subscription to manage all subscriptions in the future.

  • At the end of the subscription period, you extend the remaining subscription by the number of seats required. The payment information stored for this subscription is used.

  • Now you have all your licenses in one subscription and can use Merlin Project's integrated license management.

  • Pass on the license codes to the individual users to activate their team device.

While a coupon code reduces the subscription price, you unlock another device with a license code. A license code differs from a coupon code in that the number begins with an "S" (for serial).

You have received a license code from a colleague to activate Merlin Project on your Mac. This is how you do it:

  • Download Merlin Project 5, unpack the archive and move the program to your Application directory.
  • Start the software and click on "Subscribe Now".
  • In the following subscription window, select "Activate Team Device".
  • Enter your license code (S-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX).

    Clicking on "Activate Team Device" activates the subscription on this Mac.

You can reset your subscription password directly in Merlin Project 5.

  • Go to the subscription management in the Merlin Project settings and click on "Manage existing subscription...".

  • Enter your e-mail address and click on "Forgot password".

  • You will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address you entered (sender This will contain a "Change Password" link. Click on the link.

  • You will be directed back to Merlin Project and enter your new password directly in the application.

In some cases (e.g. Gmail in a web browser) a link to an application will be filtered out and is not included in the email. Then you have the option of

  1. open the e-mail in a desktop application (e.g. Apple Mail) and then proceed as described above.

  2. you use our web access. Here you can also manage your existing subscription and have a link to change your password sent to you as described above. However, this is a web link. You change your password on the web. Afterwards you will have to enter the newly assigned password in Merlin Project.

With your license you can simultaneously unlock up to 2 personal devices. To use the Merlin Project subscription on a third Mac, you must first unsubscribe on the existing Mac. This is how you do it:

  • Open the settings in Merlin Project and switch to the tab "subscription".
  • By pressing the ALT key (option), the text of the button changes from "Manage subscription..." to "Deactivate device".
  • You can now deactivate your device by clicking the button.
  • Merlin Project now switches from licensed to read-only mode on this Mac. You can open existing projects, but you cannot edit, print or create new projects.

After downloading Merlin Project on your new Mac, you can now activate it using your login (email and password) set upon subscription or you choose Activate Team Device and enter your license code.

To cancel your subscription you need to contact the service you subscribed to the software, i. e. Paddle, App Store or Setapp. This can be done from within the application's preferences or you go to your service's account and cancel the subscription there.

After cancellation, your subscription will run until the end of the subscribed period and will expire thereafter. There will be no partial refund.

Your data will remain available without subscription and the software can be used in "read only mode".

The cancellation period for your Paddle subscription is 48 hours before the next billing date.

We are continually working on further developing our software and we publish these developments in the form of maintenance updates. These updates are free of charge for licensed users and already included in the subscription fee.

No, there is no crossgrade from the subscription for Merlin Project Express to Merlin Project.

To switch from Merlin Project Express to Merlin Project, end your existing subscription and start a new subscription for Merlin Project directly out of the app.

  1. Download the current version of Merlin Project.

  2. Drag and drop the loaded application Merlin Project onto your "Applications" folder.

  3. On the initial start of the software you can decide whether you like to start the 30 days demo, subscribe to Merlin Project or use it in read only mode.
    • During the 30 days trial you may use the software without restrictions.
    • After the demo has expired, you can open and read existing Merlin Project documents.
    • In order to create and edit documents you require a subscription for Merlin Project.

You'll find more detailled information on how to manage your subscription here.

The new Merlin Project 5 data format is compatible with Merlin Project 4, so there is no reason against of a parallel installation. There are two ways to install both versions side by side:

First, rename the program "Merlin Project" to "Merlin Project 4" in the Application directory in the Finder, then download the new version from this website and follow the instructions after the download (depending on your settings, the Finder may also display the After that both apps are next to each other:

The second option: You download Merlin Project 5 from this website. If you move the app to the Applications folder, the Finder will show this alert (depending on your settings, with or without the extension ".app"):

Click on "Keep Both" and you will see the result in your Applications folder:

Optionally, you can rename the copy to "Merlin Project 4" again.

The latest software version is available for download on the respective product page.

There is no difference between the test version and the full version apart from the restriction that you can only read projects after the trial period expired.

With subscribing to the product or buying a license you will unlock the demo to a full version. This lets you continue editing data you entered while demoing the software.

Of course, all licenses are stored in our database. We will gladly send you a copy of your license key. The e-mail address you used for your purchase helps us to find you in our database.

The fastest and easiest way is our automated online query. Enter your email address in the field provided and your licenses will be emailed to that address again.

Your email address is no longer valid or you are not sure which address you used? No problem. Please email us. We will then manually search our database. All information (name, company, email, order number, date of purchase) you have about your purchase will help us. We will then send the found licenses to your current e-mail address.

You have downloaded and unzipped Merlin Project.

When launching the application

  • either you received an error message, that Merlin Project is damaged.
  • or you may not use an existing project file and create a new one.

How to solve?

  • Perform a secondary click onto the downloaded file ""
  • Choose "Open with… > Archive Utility"
  • Move the extracted application into the Applications folder.
  • Launch Merlin Project from there.

It usually only takes a few steps to completely remove all files (apart from project files). We have made this process somewhat easier thanks to a free-of-charge program. Please let us know if something doesn’t work.

  • Download and install App Cleaner
  • Exit Merlin Project
  • Start App Cleaner and drag the Merlin Project program icon to the App Cleaner window
  • Empty the Trash bucket
  • Restart your computer (commencing with OS X 10.9 Mavericks, the operating system saves many settings in the main memory)

If you’d now like to install a fresh version of Merlin Project, you can start that here.

Some project templates are already integrated in Merlin Project:

  • Client-Website
  • General Project Management Plan
  • HR Interview Plan
  • Product Localization
  • Product Roadshow
  • Project Kick-Off
  • Simple Milestone Basis
  • Single Family Home
  • Software Development
  • Software Selection and Implementation
  • Strategic Plan

In Merlin Project on macOS, the templates are available via "File > New from Template".
Merlin Project Go on the iOS device, offers the templates when you tap on '+' in the Documents list and select afterwards 'New Document…'

Yes. Merlin Project supports Kanban. It is delivered with two Kanban views: Kanban and Kanban Compact.

Just use the Kanban view to gather your to-dos as cards in the left column. Then simply move the cards column-by-column to the right as the project progresses until they are completed.

You can either use the pre-configured Kanban boards or create your own arrangements and card layouts.

Read more in our Kanban quick guide.

In some predefined 'Work breakdown' and 'Report' views and in the 'Plan' inspector, Merlin shows Status information. The status is presented in form of traffic light-colored shapes which are abstract but easily identifiable even to those with vision problems:

Black = check mark
Red = square
Yellow = triangle
Green = circle
No colour = empty circle

The activity status can not be assigned manually, as it is a calculated value. These are its possible states:

Black: Activity is complete
Red: Activity behind schedule (>10%)
Yellow: Activity slightly behind schedule (=<10%)
Green: Activity on time
No colour: Future or unscheduled activity, activity pending

Yes, in Merlin Project. This is controlled by the resources contained in a project file. Just declare a resource as a user (by enabling its 'is user' option) and you may define a password and/or access permissions.
A password-protected file will prompt you for a user-resource name and password even if opened in Merlin Project, Merlin Project Express or Merlin Project Go.

Currently, all Merlin products are available in English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and simplified Chinese; additional languages are to follow.

You don’t need to load a specific language version. The application starts in the language you configured in the system preferences.

If using Merlin Project on your mac, you can however select to run the application in another localization. To do so, select the desired application language in the Merlin Project preferences.

Merlin Project Go always runs in the system language of the iOS device, or defaults to English.

Cloud-based file sharing and synchronization services like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. are very popular. Users like them, because they synchronize changes among different locations and devices. Applications however need to take extra care to avoid crashes or even data loss.

Yes, Merlin Project supports all cloud services.

Technical details

A Merlin Project document is a complex database organized in so-called bundles. Such bundles are nothing else than concealed folders which contain subfolders and files. With the exception of iCloud Drive, typical Cloud services do not support the concept of bundles. Merlin Project prevents synchronization conflicts with Cloud services and therefore avoids possible issues.

In case you setup WebDAV server on mac OS Sierra or El Capitan, it will be enabled in encrypted (secured) mode.

In Merlin Project you can use WebDAV for publishing.
To insert the account:

  • Call 'Merlin Project > Preferences > Accounts'
  • Insert the WebDAV account via ' + > WebDAV'
  • Enter your access data to that WebDAV.
  • And enable the Encryption.

Is everything correct, you will see a green dot for the connection status.

New activities are per default assigned to the Default Resource. Financial values or Available Units defined on the Default Resource apply to all unassigned activities. That lets Merlin calculate expected costs and scheduling information.

Also… when restricting permissions to a project by using user-resources, Default Resource is the user-resource which allows "Guest access" to the file. To disable "Guest access", you can simply disable the 'Is User' option of the Default Resource.

That being said, no… you are not allowed to delete the Default Resource from a project.

Yes, you can style any element of your project. That could be bars, cards or circles in the mind map, text of the rows, headers, separator lines between columns or rows, etc.
To style your bars simply perform a secondary click onto them and select 'Style and Content > Bars' to enter the Styles inspector.

To style the bars of the currently selected row(s), just use the options of the For Selection tab.

If you need to style multiple bars matching a specific condition, use the options of the By Rules tab and select first a matching condition, before performing any style changes.

Discover more about styles in the styles quick guide.

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According to Apple GUI recommendations scrollbars are invisible per default and appear in a window when there’s content that doesn’t fit into the window’s current size.

You may choose however overwrite this preference option. Just open the 'General' system preference and enable 'Show Always'.

Please find more information on how to use scrollbars in macOS on the Apple Support website.

Yes. To enable the time line for the Gantt Chart of a Merlin Project file, just click any Gantt Chart ruler and enable the ‘Time Line' option in the time scale inspector.

In this same inspector you will also find an option to enable the coloring for the ‘Current Time Unit’ if required.

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Merlin Project offers three filter options controlling how filtered results are shown as soon as the filter is applied:

Show non-matching hierarchy

This view option shows non-matching filter results. The hierarchy will remain as it is and the titles will be grayed out.

Show only matching hierarchy

This display option lets you list the filter results hierarchically when activities and groups satisfy the filter criteria.
Non-matching results will not be shown.

Show as a flat list

This view option lists the filter results without any hierarchy. Non-matching results will not be shown.

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You can limit the visible date range in the Time scale inspector.

Just click a Gantt ruler row to get the Time scale inspector, enter the start and end dates for the visible range.

Hide Rows

Per default Merlin Project will hide all tasks planed before and after this period and present a subset of its activities and the respective Gantt. You may however choose to show the other rows while limiting the Gantt.

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Sure. In Merlin Project you may enable a filter, limit the visible date range or use the Details window before printing.


Limit Date Range

Details area

Enable the Details and select the same view configuration as in the main part of the window. Select in the main view the part you want to print, see the 'Details' view showing selection and sub-structures. Click any row of the Details and print from there.

In Merlin products on mac you have 3 labels for Gantt bar elements. The default view in Merlin Project shows the titles on the left and assigned resources on the right side of the Gantt Chart bars. In Merlin Project Express you get one label on the right side.

To enable the left labels on your Gantt…

  • You ctrl-click in the left area of a Gantt Chart bar and select ‘Style and Content > Labels'
  • Switch to the 'General' tab of the Styles inspector
  • Select the 'Title' column from the available list of 'Content'.

Should you have clicked something else, maybe the middle label, to get access to the left or right labels, just click the right label in the sample of the bar model before you do any changes.

Yes. You can position your logo in the print out. Just call File > Print > Show Details and use the 'Watermark' print options.

Yes. To view Merlin Project documents download and use Merlin Project on your mac. Upon the start of the application you may decide whether you like to subscribe, start the 30 day trial or use it only for reading.

Select 'Only Use for Reading' to have it as a free viewer for Merlin Project documents.

In case you do decide to start the demo, after the demo period expires, you can still use Merlin Project as a viewer and open existing documents but you can not do any changes or export the file in any way which includes printing.

Again, to have the app as a free viewer for Merlin Project documents, you need to click onto 'Only Use for Reading'.

To view Merlin Project Express documents, just use the app without starting any subscriptions. More about Merlin Project Express.

Go to ProjectWizards' YouTube Channel

Yes, some of our support articles in the blog and the questions and answers section already contain video tutorials in English and German language. You will find them all in our Merlin Project Playlist.

In addition, our partner LGO Knowledge has published some instruction videos in its own YouTube channel

You are missing a topic? Contact us. We will gladly add it to the list for you.

Yes. We work together with external trainers who offer different types of trainings face to face as well as online.

Please click here to see all current offers.

How do you transfer your documents to all your Macs, iPhones, and iPads? What’s the best way to share them with other users? And how do you sync every user’s changes? Cloud services such as Dropbox and the like have become very popular for tasks like these.


These services work with your usual files, are reliable, widespread, easy to set up, and even free of charge for many applications. So do these services solve all the problems of working in a virtual team? Unfortunately not. When you’re working on one document using multiple devices you run quickly into issues. Those time-consuming changes are lost if users continually overwrite each other’s files. In some cases, cloud services spot these conflicts and create special files for this purpose. While your edits aren’t lost, they are now spread across multiple files. So you have to go through the painstaking process of identifying chances in all conflicted variants and adding them in manually.

Example of a text file with conflicts because of synchronization.

Does it have to be like this?

No. Merlin Project uses our latest technology, MagicSync, which is optimized in a variety of ways for cloud services. With the help of MagicSync, Merlin Project synchronizes the changes made by multiple users without any data going missing or generating conflicting files. You don’t even need to close and re-open your documents to see the external changes, they simply appear immediately.

The sync function works even if you’ve been working on your documents offline for a while. Next time you go online, syncing will take place, allowing you still to undo your own changes (cmd-Z) long after you last synchronized them even if you quit Merlin Project in the meantime.

Sometimes you want to keep major changes to yourself and not have them affected by other edits? No need to pull the network connector. Just switch to the 'Private Work Area' of your Merlin Project document. While the latest document version will continue to be synchronized with your own devices, other users will see your private changes only if you choose to publish them.

Smooth project management in a team thanks to MagicSync

Simply drag and drop your Merlin Project documents to your cloud directory, and off you go. This whole new way of collaboration allowed by our MagicSync technology is special and unique, so we applied for a patent and now own it.

The macOS version of Merlin Project works with all popular file sharing platforms and cloud services. We’ve tested it with the following:

Merlin Project Go for iPhone and iPad currently supports these services:


Prefer working without Cloud services?

With Merlin Server, we also offer our own application for syncing documents which means you don’t need to use external cloud services. What other benefits does Merlin Server offer me?

  • Sync as many documents with as many users as you like even over a slow Internet connection. Merlin Server is extremely fast and data-efficient.
  • Control access to your documents using Merlin Project’s user and rights management system.
  • Send project reports automatically.
  • Allow project customers without a Mac or iPhone to view your projects via a web browser.
  • Keep sensitive data under your control without entrusting it to foreign cloud services.

Merlin Server is by far the most efficient method as it only transfers the actual changes. File-based cloud services transfer entire files every time they are synchronized, which naturally eats up more of your data allowance. The cloud services we are familiar with, analyze which sections of a file have actually changed and only transfer those parts, keeping additional consumption in macOS within limits.

Merlin Project Go however does need to transfer each time entire files due to restrictions with the interfaces published by the cloud services. This is why MagicSync throttles the upload speed of changes from Merlin Project Go; it consolidates as many changes as possible into one upload as in most cases it doesn’t matter whether changes arrive immediately or with a few minutes’ delay. That said, if changes are urgent you can force Merlin Project Go to upload changes immediately.

Not at all. You can edit shared documents offline just as freely as personal documents no matter if you’re using a cloud service or Merlin Server. When you’re back online, everything synchronizes automatically.

Yes. Without any restrictions. Contrary to some other solutions, MagicSync does not lock sections of a document while other users edit them.

In this instance, the latest change always takes precedence. Some exceptional instances exist where different changes are incompatible with each other. In all of these cases, the latest change takes precedence as long as it is not undone in which case the older change becomes active again.

Yes. MagicSync always keeps a list of every document change, and uses it for both; syncing document statuses and/or undo requests.

This is possible currently, only if you open the project under that particular user-resource’s name and call then the undo command.

Yes. You can also do manually in Merlin Project, whatever MagicSync does automatically via a cloud service or Merlin Server. To integrate changes for example out of an edited project status you've received via email, just call 'File > Integrate Changes…'

In this group of questions and answers we collect interesting Questions about project management, also from Merlin Project's point of view. The list is sorted thematically.

Currently you will find information on the following topics (in alphabetical order):

A project is a temporary project to create a unique product, service or event (simplified from PMBOK). In Merlin Project a project is created in one file, but different projects can also be combined in one project file.

Designated aloud Wikipedia, initiating, planning, controlling and completing projects.

The work breakdown structure (WBS) results from the final structure of a project Project.

In Merlin Project the WBS is a view configuration which can be opened in the Netplan view and is always up-to-date.

Although the Gantt chart takes its name from Henri Gantt, it was probably first used in a project by a Swiss named Joseph Priestley.

Within the diagram, the project is represented on a time axis by individual elements (bars). In addition to the bars, additional information has now also become established in the Gantt chart:

In Merlin Project the Gantt diagram is integrated in many views, for example in the "Structure plan / Input" or the "Target/actual comparison (time)".

In this context, many terms are used for one and the same purpose. For example: operation, task, activity, etc. You can make it easy on yourself and say that it's all the same. But it is also possible to derive a structure, which is quite OK.

An example: There are several phases in the project. For example, preparation, implementation and completion. Each phase contains different work packages. Depending on the size of the project and the individual style of the project manager, these work packages can be further broken down into individual tasks. This brings us to the tasks and activities.

In Merlin Project we have decided to use the term activity - not at least because of our proximity to PMI and the PMBOK.

A milestone is a special activity. Milestones are often used as intermediate goals. Since they have none duration, you can use any number of milestones in a project without extending the duration of the project.

A group is a logical summary of various activities and/or milestones. The size of a group or phase is not regulated. The project itself is also a group. A group often contains summaries and totals of transactions contained underneath. In addition, a group is often used for time and cost budgeting.

Two or more activities are set in one of four possible ways. You use this link to specify that both operations were planned in a particular sequence and are to be carried out in the same way. Further details can be found at Wikipedia.

  • End to Start: Normal sequence
  • Start to Start: Start sequence
  • End to end: End sequence
  • End to Start: Jump sequence

In addition, a buffer can be specified as the duration between the linked operations. This can also be negative. The buffer is not explicitly displayed in Merlin Project in the Gantt chart, but only as a modified link line.

In project management, there is the concept of buffer times. According to Wikipedia the buffer time is a time margin for the execution of an operation, so-called time reserves. This latitude can be used by shifting the process and/or by extending (stretching) the process duration. Additionally, in Merlin Project at dependencies a buffer can be specified. The resulting times are stored in the following attributes:

  • Expected end buffer time: Contains the duration between early and latest end.
  • Expected start buffer time: Contains the duration between early and latest start.
  • Expected free buffer time: Contains the duration by which an operation can be delayed without the start of subsequent operations being delayed. If an operation has no successors, it is equal to the total float.
  • Expected total buffer time: Contains the smallest value of the expected start buffer time and the expected end buffer time. It describes the duration of work by which a process can be delayed without delaying the end of the project.

There are two basic planning methods in project management: resource-based planning and time-based planning. Merlin Project supports both planning methods. The fields"... work..." are responsible for the former. In the latter case duration fields are brought to bear.

Resource-based planning is carried out with work units, i.e. the total amount of work to be done is entered. Depending on the resource, this can be specified in Merlin Project in time units or in units of measure.

In Merlin Project these fields are used for resource-based planning:

  • Default work: takes the quantity of planned work for an operation. Percentage values can also be specified that refer to the specified work of the superordinate group.
  • Default work absolute: contains the same information as the default work. However, the percentage values specified there are converted to absolute values.
  • Planned work: Contains the total work that results for an operation after complete calculation of the planning.
  • Expected work: Specifies the total work expected for an operation.
  • Maximum planned work: contains the maximum amount of work that can be done between the planned start and the planned end of an operation, taking the calendar into account.
  • Remaining work: displays the amount of work not yet done.
  • Real work: takes up the amount of work already done.

With regard to resource-based planning, however, information from the areas of overtime, costs and evaluation (in particular earned value analysis) can also be used.

A distinction is drawn in project management and consequently also in Merlin Project between two planning methods: resource-based planning and time-based planning. For the former, the fields "Work..." are responsible. In the latter case, permanent fields are used.

Time-based planning can be used in the following cases, for example:

  • If the effort for a resource cannot be determined
  • if external resources are used and no detailed financial calculations are performed for them
  • if the workload is to be modified by different values for work and duration

In the first planning phase of a project, the activity values for work or duration can still vary. The project manager can make this clear by placing a question mark behind the value.

Resource is a term for people, materials and equipment used in the project.

A stakeholder is a person or a group who has a particular interest in the course or outcome of a project.

Sometimes referred to as stochastic scenario analysis, the term Monte Carlo Simulation or 'Monte Carlo Methods' is certainly more familiar to project managers. And this is for good reason. On the basis of the probability theory, an attempt is made to calculate a problem which cannot be solved - or is very difficult to solve - using a very large number of similar but random experiments.

In project management, this technique is sometimes applied to the question of all questions: "When will my project end?". The Atlantic Systems Guild created a freely available simulation based on MS Excel for this application many years ago. Under the name Riskology you can download the simulator and the manual for free. And don't let the design of the website fool you; the software works like a charm ;-)

Risk management defines the general philosophy and procedure for dealing with project risks. Risk analysis and risk management deal with the mutual concern of client and project team that the characteristics of the developed system correspond to the project goals with regard to technical functionality, costs and deadlines.

The risk management approach comprises a continuous and iterative process of risk identification, risk planning and risk controlling throughout the project. Risk management is already initiated in the preparatory phase of a project and is continued throughout the entire project life cycle. Risk management is one of the core elements of project planning and at the same time one of the most important factors for the success of any project.

Risk management itself is an ongoing and continuous process from the definition, planning and implementation phases of the project. The approach used in risk management comprises a number of interrelated tasks. They are summarized below and are described in more detail in the following sections.

The tasks are:

  • risk identification
  • risk assessment
  • risk prioritisation
  • action planning
  • Risk monitoring and tracking

Risk management is primarily the responsibility of the project manager (or the bid manager during the bidding phase). Nevertheless, the involvement of project team members, clients and subcontractors is essential if all potential risks are to be identified and managed. In large projects it is appropriate to appoint another team member as responsible risk manager in order to relieve the project manager of this time-consuming task.

— Translated from Source: Projektmanagement mit Merlin, Germany, Hanser-Verlag 2009

In short, a time window is the amount of time that an activity can be delayed without causing a delay to other activities or even the project completion date. In Merlin Project, the name we give to the time window is slack.

Wikipedia offers a more detailed explanation. It also includes an example which we implemented in Merlin Project here.

Earned Value Analysis (short: EVA) is a project controlling tool. It is used to assess the progress of projects. The current schedule and cost situation is described by key figures. The key values are planned value, actual costs and earned value. By tracking the key figures, a trend analysis is possible (from Wikipedia).

Thus Merlin Project provides a model to control project progress and involved costs. These fields are active:

  • Target costs of calculated work (SKBA): The degree of completion (also planned value, PV) in euros at the time of the report.
  • Target cost of completed work (SKAA): Also known as earned value (EV). This arises during the project work. It is the amount that would have been incurred if the planned resource costs had been assumed. I.e. the EV represents the total value of the trade union corresponding to the work progress / degree of completion.
  • Actual cost of completed work (IKAA): The actual costs (AC) are entered using the variable IKAA. All resource costs, material costs and base costs incurred up to a point in time are added together.
  • Plan deviation: In a real project, however, absolute plan fulfillment is very rare. Either one overachieves the planned goals or (in most cases) one hangs behind the plan. This results in a deviation from the planned target, which is referred to as a schedule variance (SV). A negative schedule variance (SV) indicates that the schedule for the entire project cannot be met. The SV is therefore not primarily concerned with cost differences, but with delays.
  • Cost variance: The cost variance (CV) is measured against the actual costs of the project.
  • Total Cost Estimate: This is the budget at complete (BAC). It corresponds to the expenditure planned at the time, i.e. taking into account all assumed resource, material and basic costs.
  • Planned costs: Often also referred to as planned costs (PC), they are defined in the work packages at the beginning of the project and distributed over the duration of the project.

*1: Field descriptions according to Wikipedia

Merlin Project supports all key file formats for importing and exporting data.


  • CSV (supports various line break, field break and file encoding settings etc.),
  • iCalendar
  • Merlin Project 4, 3 & Merlin 2
  • Microsoft Project (direct import of .mpp files from MS Project 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 as well as XML and MPX)
  • MindManager / FreeMind / NovaMind 4 & NovaMind 5
  • Omniplan 2
  • OPML
  • XML (all Merlin Project fields)


  • CSV (supports various line break, field break, and file encoding settings, etc.)
  • iCalendar
  • HTML,
  • Images (PDF, PNG, JPG, JPEG 2000, TIFF, BMP, GIF, all with watermarks and other settings)
  • MindManager / FreeMind (optionally with HTML display module) / NovaMind 5
  • Microsoft Project (direct export of MS Project XML)
  • OPML
  • XML (all Merlin Project fields)

When you drag an Address Book card onto an activity, either directly from the macOS Address Book application or out of Merlin Project's “Library” dialogue, it will get assigned to this activity and appear in our project management software as a resource. This resource remains linked to the original entry in the Address Book. Changes in the Address Book card, will get transferred automatically to the various Merlin Project documents where this resource has been assigned to.

Sometimes there could be an issue though in recognizing the prime email address and setting this for the resource. We had reported this issue to Apple in year 2004 as tested the first version of Address Book, but a solution had not been released yet.

Fortunately there is an API to the Address Book, which developers can use when wanting to create add-ons for it.
Taking advantage of this fact we have created an Address Book add-on solving the issue of primary email address and phone number. Our primarily in 2005 released add-on, repairs Address Book and helps Merlin Project getting the appropriate data for the resources. You can get it for free and it is very easy to install:

  • Download the Address Book Add-On
  • You extract the zip archive and copy the 2 included files into the following directory “~/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins” (~ : stands for your home directory)

Yes, Merlin Project can open, import and export MS Project files.

Exported calendars (like iCal, Google-Calendar or others) are often saved in the ics file format. Older versions of our software, Excel or similar spreadsheet applications cannot read this file format, which makes it impossible to easily use the calendar data there.

For some time now, there is a small tool that converts files from the ics- to the csv file format on our website.

This function is also integrated into Merlin Project. It enables you to open an ics calendar and get its events converted into activities directly within the software.

The todo application Things is often used by project managers for the micro management within projects. Therefore, the question of data exchange between the two programs is obvious.

The easiest option is the data transfer via AppleScript. Download this complimentary AppleScript and open it in the macOS ScriptEditor.

From Merlin Project to Things…
Script 'Things' transfers items of your project scheduling to Things. You may forward just selected items or the complete scheduling.

To transfer the selection, simply select tasks (in a work breakdown view) or resources (from a resources or assignments view) and call the script. When prompted how the script should work, choose 'Selection'.
If you want to transfer all activities of the project, just click any row and choose 'Transfer all'.

Note A new project by the name of your project will be created in Things. The to dos will show the title and expected start (or optional expected end) of the Merlin / Merlin Project items.

From Things to Merlin Project…
'Things > Merlin' can be used to insert todos from Things as activities in a Merlin Project.

Simply open the Merlin Project you would like to get the information inserted, select the todos in Things and call the script.

'Things > Mail > Merlin' can be used to export todos from Things for a Merlin Project user on other mac. It creates an email with a Merlin Project attached and saved in XML format which can be forwarded to any user or directly opened by Merlin Project 5.

Note The Merlin Project user should check the project start date in Settings > General > Date Presets > Start… and adjust if required to match earlier or later planned start dates of the imported data.

For further information, see within the AppleScripts.

Note To AppleScripts from ProjectWizards: You may incorporate this ProjectWizards sample code into your program(s) without restriction. This ProjectWizards sample code has been provided "AS IS" and the responsibility for its operation is yours. You are not permitted to redistribute this ProjectWizards sample code as "ProjectWizards sample code" after having made changes. If you're going to redistribute the code, we require that you make it clear that the code was descended from ProjectWizards sample code but that you've made changes.

The todo application OmniFocus is often used by project managers for the micro management within projects. Therefore, the question of data exchange between the two programs is obvious.

The easiest option is the data transfer via AppleScript. Download this complimentary AppleScript and open it in the macOS ScriptEditor. For further description, see within the AppleScript.

It transfers selected activities into a new project of OmniFocus.

Simply select activities in a work breakdown view and call the script. You may priorly filter your activities on the main view, or select activities in a Details view.

Note Scripting OmniFocus is a Pro feature. So the script will fail in other case.

Note To AppleScripts from ProjectWizards: You may incorporate this ProjectWizards sample code into your program(s) without restriction. This ProjectWizards sample code has been provided "AS IS" and the responsibility for its operation is yours. You are not permitted to redistribute this ProjectWizards sample code as "ProjectWizards sample code" after having made changes. If you're going to redistribute the code, we require that you make it clear that the code was descended from ProjectWizards sample code, but that you've made changes.

The application Timeline 3D is often used by project managers for creating special timelines within projects. Therefore, the question of data exchange between the two programs is obvious.

The easiest option is the data transfer via AppleScript. Download this complimentary AppleScript and open it in the macOS ScriptEditor.

It transfers items of your project scheduling to Timeline 3D. You may forward just selected items or the complete scheduling.

To transfer the selection, simply select tasks (in a work breakdown view) or resources (from a resources or assignments view) and call the script. When prompted how the script should work, choose 'Selection'.
If you want to transfer all activities of the project, just click any row and choose 'Transfer all'.

Note A big project with lots of tasks may be difficult to be rendered by Timeline 3D in the 3D view.

For further information, see within the AppleScript.

Note To AppleScripts from ProjectWizards: You may incorporate this ProjectWizards sample code into your program(s) without restriction. This ProjectWizards sample code has been provided "AS IS" and the responsibility for its operation is yours. You are not permitted to redistribute this ProjectWizards sample code as "ProjectWizards sample code" after having made changes. If you're going to redistribute the code, we require that you make it clear that the code was descended from ProjectWizards sample code, but that you've made changes.

The application TaskPaper is often used by project managers for creating lists and getting organized. Therefore, the question of data exchange between the two programs is obvious.

The easiest option is the data transfer via AppleScript. Download this complimentary AppleScript and open it in the macOS ScriptEditor.

It transfers all child activities of your project scheduling to TaskPaper.

Just open the project you want to export as TaskPaper file, and run the script. It creates a TaskPaper file (located on your Desktop folder) which you can open in a second step using TaskPaper.

Note A big project with lots of activities may take some time to be exported.

For further information, see within the AppleScript.

Note To AppleScripts from ProjectWizards: You may incorporate this ProjectWizards sample code into your program(s) without restriction. This ProjectWizards sample code has been provided "AS IS" and the responsibility for its operation is yours. You are not permitted to redistribute this ProjectWizards sample code as "ProjectWizards sample code" after having made changes. If you're going to redistribute the code, we require that you make it clear that the code was descended from ProjectWizards sample code, but that you've made changes.

Evernote is a handy application for storing information in notes. Each note can be accessed via a link. These links can be inserted into Merlin Project in any title or text field.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Link to the Evernote Web app:

    • Right-click or “control-click” the note you wish to link to in Evernote.
    • Click the “Copy Note Link to the Clipboard” option in the Evernote context menu.
    • Now insert the clipboard content into a Merlin Project title or text field.
  2. Link to the Evernote macOS app:
    • While pressing the “Alt” or “Option” key, right-click or “control-click” the note you wish to link to in Evernote.
    • Click the “Copy Classic Note Link” option in the Evernote context menu.
    • Now insert the clipboard content into a Merlin Project title or text field.

You can now view and edit the link in the existing views of Merlin Project. To call the link, click the underlined link from the particular field where you inserted it. To edit it, click the particular field once. Select the complete link’s string and then right-click it once again to select the “Edit Link...” option in the context menu.

The note taking application Evernote is often used by project managers for the extended documentation. Therefore, the question of data exchange between the two programs is obvious.

First, you should think about linking. Every text field in Merlin Project can receive a hyperlink. Conveniently, Evernote offers the access to each note via hyperlink. Add these links simply in Merlin Project. For how to do that, please (see also here).

Another option is the data transfer via AppleScript. Download this complimentary AppleScript and open it in the macOS ScriptEditor.

From Merlin Project to Evernote…
Script 'Evernote' transfers items of your project scheduling to Evernote. You may forward just selected items, or the complete scheduling.

To transfer the selection, simply select tasks (in a work breakdown view) or resources (from a resources or assignments view) and call the script. When prompted how the script should work, choose 'Selection'.
If you want to transfer all activities of the project, just click any row and choose 'Transfer all'.

Note A new notebook by the name of your project will be created in Evernote. Notes will show the title, notes and tags of the Merlin items.

From Evernote to Merlin Project…
Script 'Evernote>Merlin' can be used to link information from Evernote notes to a Merlin Project.

Simply open the Merlin Project you would like to get the information attached, select the notes in Evernote and call the script.

Note Information attachments will be inserted with links to the Evernote notes. They are all attached to the project row (ie row #0) and contain an URL of the individual evernote note. The script won't create new information for already linked notes.

For further information, see within the AppleScripts.

Note To AppleScripts from ProjectWizards: You may incorporate this ProjectWizards sample code into your program(s) without restriction. This ProjectWizards sample code has been provided "AS IS" and the responsibility for its operation is yours. You are not permitted to redistribute this ProjectWizards sample code as "ProjectWizards sample code" after having made changes. If you're going to redistribute the code, we require that you make it clear that the code was descended from ProjectWizards sample code, but that you've made changes.

Calendar app in OS X keeps you on schedule. As such, the question concerning data exchange between the two applications is a pertinent one, and is very useful for project managers to know the answer to.

The simplest way is to transfer data via Export or Publish.

But if you only want to transfer selected event attachments from Merlin Project to Calendar, or events from Calendar to Merlin Project, you can do this using AppleScript. Download this complimentary AppleScript and open it in Script Editor.

From Merlin Project to Calendar…
The »Calendar« script transfers selected events to Calendar.

You can transfer a selection by selecting events in an Attachments view and then calling the script. When prompted, select the Calendar into which you want to import the events.


  • "Calendar" may take a little while longer to refresh and display the new events. If you can’t see the events right away in the selected Calendar, you can perform a search to ensure the events have actually been inserted.

  • To call the script quickly and easily (via 'File > Actions') , place it in the scripts folder of "Merlin Project". You can open the scripts folder by clicking 'File > Actions > Show Scripts Folder' in Merlin Project.

From Calendar to Merlin Project...

The »Calendar>Merlin« script transfers events from "Calendar" to Merlin Project in the form of attachments.

Open a project in Merlin Project, in Calendar select the events you want to transfer, and run the script.

Note If you place the script in the scripts folder of "Calender" (~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Calendar), you can call this script from the Scripts menu of the macOS menu bar.

For further information, see the AppleScript.

Note about ProjectWizards AppleScripts: You may incorporate and use the AppleScripts and other examples in your program(s) free of charge and without restriction. The scripts are always provided “as is” and for demonstration purposes only. We will be pleased to help you with any questions regarding the scripts, but ultimate responsibility for operation lies exclusively with you. You may change the scripts and distribute them to third parties free of charge. If you do so, make it clear which changes you made and that the base code originated from ProjectWizards.

If using Merlin Project, just call 'Merlin Project > Preferences > Subscription'. You can check your information by clicking onto the button 'Manage Subscription…'.

If having license files and wonder to which version they belong…
These are the file extensions for the various versions:

  • Merlin 1: .pwreg
  • Merlin 2: .merlinLicense
  • Merlin Project 3: .mprojectl
  • Merlin Project 4: .mprojectl
  • Merlin Server 2: .merlinServerLicense
  • Merlin Server 4: .mserverl

Note: If you can’t see the file extensions, right-click the file name and then click “Get Info”.

During a license installation, the license file will be copied into a specific directory of your Mac. When looking for the actual file on your mac, this is the exact path depending on your Merlin version:

  • Merlin 1 or 2: ~/Library/Application Support/Merlin/Licenses
  • Merlin Project 3: ~/Library/Application Support/Merlin Project/Licenses
  • Merlin Project 4: ~/Library/Containers/net.projectwizards.merlinproject/Data/Library/Application Support/net.projectwizards.merlinproject/Licenses
  • Merlin Server 2: /Library/Application Support/Licenses
  • Merlin Server 4: /Library/Application Support/net.projectwizards.MerlinServer/Shared/Licenses

The download for Merlin Project 4 is available here.

Please check the Merlin Project license window (Merlin Project/Preferences) to ensure the license has been installed correctly.

One possibility is that you may have started Merlin multiple times. Please ensure that you only start as many instances of Merlin Project as you have licenses for. Once you close the additional instances, the license will be released again and you can continue working with the licensed version.

Another possibility is that your license might be an upgrade license. An upgrade license is only valid together with the previous license(s). So if not all your previous licenses (Merlin 2, Merlin 1) are yet installed you should correct this to have your Merlin Project licensed correctly.

As soon as a license for Merlin is installed on your Mac, this is automatically used for Merlin Project as well. But these licenses do block the demo license.

Please check the Merlin Project license window (Merlin Project/Preferences). Remove all licenses, which are not time-limited, by pressing the „–" button. After deleting the Merlin 2 licenses, the demo license re-appears enabling you to test Merlin Project.

The file format of Merlin Project is not compatible to 'Merlin 2'. You need to export the schedule as MS Project XML to be able to use it in Merlin 2.

Since the release of Merlin Project, the link to download the old version, Merlin 2, is hidden to prevent confusion. If required, you may download Merlin 2 here.

Merlin 2 is no longer supported since macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and also not compatible with the current operating system.

Merlin 2 is and also will not be compatible with macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or newer!

While Merlin 2 has supported all operating systems since OS X 10.4. (Tiger), this support comes to an end with macOS 10.12 (Sierra). Apple has made so many changes to its operation system over the past decade that it is no longer economically viable for us to maintain Merlin 2.

Of course, the successor version Merlin Project runs perfectly under the current operating system.

Merlin 2 licenses are not valid for Merlin Project. Please therefore make sure, that you have downloaded and installed the correct version, i. e. Merlin 2.

Merlin 2 is available for download here.

Please note that Merlin 2 is no more supported since macOS 10.12 (Sierra).

If you have macOS 10.12 or newer, you will need to upgrade to Merlin Project. This version is available on subscription.

No. There is no follow-on product to Merlin Web Sharing. Merlin Project includes one part of Merlin 2’s Web Sharing feature in that it allows you to export data to HTML.

Our support team is effective and the service is free of charges. So just contact us. We are looking forward to receiving your email.
To better understand your question, please also provide information about the following:

General information:

  • which Merlin version are you using?
  • on which OS version?

Additional information in case of an issue or a crash:

  • Can you describe your last steps before the issue occurred?
  • Is it reproducible when you repeat your last steps?
  • Is it only occurring when you work with a specific project file?
    Send us a copy of the project file for us to check.
  • Send us screenshots, for example those of error messages
    Pay attention to send the images in a readable size and use original size with Apple Mail.
  • Send us in addition the support profile.

We thank you for your understanding as phone support is not available.

Please send all questions regarding licensing, subscription, purchase and training opportunities to our sales team per e-mail.

Questions regarding the use of the software will be answered by our support team per e-mail.

We are always very grateful for receiving any related information as it helps all our users.

In preparation for the public beta phase, we have put Merlin Project through intensive testing; we cannot however simulate every possible combination of hardware and, in particular, how different software products interact with each other.

We appreciate your feedback.

Like many of our users, we also routinely use Wikipedia. This online encyclopedia includes information on a wide range of topics that we have on our mind from time to time. When considering new features for our project management software, we hunt for relevant articles which describe aspects of the particular feature from a project-management viewpoint, or we search for interfaces from third-party vendors which might be integrated into Merlin to give it great new functionality.

As it is important to us that high-quality information is provided free of charge and ad-free on a non-profit basis, we support Wikipedia – and we’d love it if you followed our lead. Donate to Wikipedia too

By the way, if you'd like to check out the Merlin Wikipedia article, you will find it here.

Yes. We have set up a forum for English as well as for German speaking customers.

  • The English forum can be found on LinkedIn.
  • The German forum is available on XING.

Gestión de proyectos con una chispa de magia

Merlin Project combina métodos tradicionales con Kanban.