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Version 5.0.6

Fixed issues

  • Improved general stability.
  • In the work breakdown view, manually ordering activities was sometimes difficult.
  • In the report view, style rules were sometimes evaluated in a wrong order.
  • The ordering of mind map nodes could be wrong in exported images.
  • The menu item "Format > Clear Style" did not remove manual styles from within table cells.
  • Sometimes the horizontal alignment did not work in the status column.
  • With activated grouping, the menu items for expanding and collapsing did not work.
  • The columns "Expected Start Slack" and "Expected End Slack" were not always calculated correctly with activated grouping.

These refer to an older version of Merlin Project. Download version 5.0.9 (59153) instead.

Project Management with a bit of Magic!

Merlin Project combines traditional methods with Kanban.