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I already have a Merlin license. What does the upgrade to Merlin Project 5 cost?

  • If you have recently purchased Merlin Project 4, you can use the new version for up to 18 months free of charge depending on their purchase date.

  • Until December 31, 2018, all Merlin Project 3 and Merlin Project 4 users permanently subscribe to Merlin Project 5 for the discounted price of USD 99 (99 EUR) per year as long as your subscription is running.

  • Starting from January 1st, 2019, the subscription is available for all Merlin Project 3 and Merlin Project 4 users to the price of yearly USD 149 (149 EUR).

  • There is no discounted upgrade for Merlin 1 or Merlin 2 licenses. Their subscription costs USD 149 (149 EUR) per year.

All prices include taxes.

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