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How Do I Exchange Event Data between Merlin Project and Calendar?


The Calendar app in macOS keeps you on schedule. As such, the question concerning data exchange between the two applications is a pertinent one, and is very useful for project managers to know the answer to.

The simplest way is to transfer data via Export or Publish.

But if you only want to transfer selected event attachments from Merlin Project to Calendar, or events from Calendar to Merlin Project, you can do this using AppleScript. Download this complimentary AppleScript and open it in Script Editor.

From Merlin Project to Calendar…
The »Calendar« script transfers selected events to Calendar.

You can transfer a selection by selecting events in an Attachments view and then calling the script. When prompted, select the Calendar into which you want to import the events.


  • "Calendar" may take a little while longer to refresh and display the new events. If you can’t see the events right away in the selected Calendar, you can perform a search to ensure the events have actually been inserted.

  • To call the script quickly and easily (via 'File > Actions') , place it in the scripts folder of "Merlin Project". You can open the scripts folder by clicking 'File > Actions > Show Scripts Folder' in Merlin Project.

From Calendar to Merlin Project...

The »Calendar>Merlin« script transfers events from "Calendar" to Merlin Project in the form of attachments.

Open a project in Merlin Project, in Calendar select the events you want to transfer, and run the script.

Note: If you place the script in the scripts folder of "Calender" (~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Calendar), you can call this script from the Scripts menu of the macOS menu bar.

For further information, see the AppleScript.

Note about ProjectWizards AppleScripts: You may incorporate and use the AppleScripts and other examples in your program(s) free of charge and without restriction. The scripts are always provided “as is” and for demonstration purposes only. We will be pleased to help you with any questions regarding the scripts, but ultimate responsibility for operation lies exclusively with you. You may change the scripts and distribute them to third parties free of charge. If you do so, make it clear which changes you made and that the base code originated from ProjectWizards.

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