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How Do I Manage a Multi-license Subscription?

As soon as a subscription on the Mac contains 2 or more licenses, Merlin Project's easy-to-use license management is automatically activated on the Mac. So you have either in the application or via the web access central access to all licenses in your subscription.

For administration, you need the login (e-mail and password) you specified when you subscribed. If you have forgotten the forgotten the password you can simply reset it. Without knowing the login, users will not have access to the license management.

License Management

Users receive the license code from you by e-mail, SMS, or as text to activate their team device. In the license overview, enter the name and e-mail address of the user next to the license code. This way you always know who you have assigned a license to.

If an employee leaves the company, you can withdraw his or her license and assign it to another employee or cancel it (gear menu). Canceled licenses run until the end of the current billing period.

Manage licenses centrally

If you need additional licenses, simply extend your subscription with "+". The stored payment data will be used for billing.

Add seats to your subscription

If your payment details have changed, update them by clicking on the "Payment Information..." button. They will be encrypted for the automatic collection of the annual fee at our billing partner Paddle stored.

Note: The central license management is only available if the software was downloaded from our website and not from the Mac App Store. For Apple, each purchase is billed individually per user, and volume discounts are not available there.

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