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How Can I Find out What Has Changed in Individual Versions?

Read about all details regarding new features, changes and fixed issues for each product's versions in the release notes.

Here is a list of the most important, new features in each Merlin Project version:

Merlin Project 7

  • In macOS 11 Big Sur, the main toolbar appears in a new design.
  • Activities, assignments, resources and attachments can be commented by users. Comments and annotations are displayed in the last tab of the Inspector in the form of a conversation thread.
  • In the edit menu there is a new item "Insert content ...". The user decides via a dialog which contents are to be inserted.
  • Automatic publications with exports can be time-controlled.
  • Merlin Project runs natively on Macs with Apple M1 processors.
  • You can replace resources in a project with resources from a pool using drag and drop.

Download current version

Merlin Project 6

  • Merlin Project supports the dark appearance Darkmode in all views (macOS 10.14).
  • The accent colors of macOS 10.15 Catalina are supported.
  • With the clear Start dialog users can create projects from templates and access the latest documents, help and manuals.
  • The menu for switching the view type contains the available configurations as submenus.
  • When copying to the clipboard, an XML representation of the selected objects is also created. Exported files can now be shared directly from the export dialog via email, messages, AirDrop, etc.
  • HTML export: Web resources such as images, CSS files and JavaScripts can be embedded in the generated HTML files. Multiple views can be exported into a single file. The exported files can be captioned.
  • The Inspector now also displays the subtitles of assignments and images can be inserted in the notes field.
  • When entering duration and work values, the last duration unit used is saved as the default for the next blank line.

Download Merlin Project 6

Merlin Project 5

  • The software is now available by subscription. For multi-user licenses, a central license management is activated via which licenses can be assigned, withdrawn, added and also canceled.
  • The appearance of the application has been revised and modernized.
  • A new Kanban view is now available.
  • In the resource dialog of the main toolbar, in addition to dragging resources with the mouse, you can also assign them to the currently selected activities by clicking the checkboxes.
  • All resources can now be managed via a resource pool. It allows centralized use and reconciliation of the same resources across multiple projects.
  • Groupings allow to group the contents in the project according to different specifications.
  • The new Stileditor style editor)** offers more possibilities to customize the project plan. The appearance of views and also the contents of Gantt labels are controlled in three basic ways (general, by rules and for selection).
  • The "Status" task field supports the format settings: "Automatic", "Symbol and text", "Text", "Symbol", "Fill color".
  • The "% Done" task field is now just called "Done" and also supports checkboxes as format.
  • Redesign of the synchronization panel to better support document sharing via Merlin Server, iCloud Drive, Dropbox and SMB.

Download Merlin Project 5

Merlin Project 4

  • Introduced patented synchronization between the Mac and iOS versions with Magic Sync.
  • Split into private and public workspace for business games.
  • Improved export module

Merlin Project 4 is no longer sold or developed. Download Merlin Project 4

Merlin Project 3

Merlin Project 3 is no longer sold or developed. Download Merlin Project 3

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