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What Is the Difference between Merlin Project and Merlin Server?

Merlin Server is an add-on to the basic software Merlin Project.

Merlin Project is the project management application for macOS and iOS. You install it locally on your Mac, iPhone or iPad. Your projects are generated and maintained there. Whenever you like to work at the same time or together with others (project members or devices), you may use Merlin Server.

Merlin Server is a separate product which has to be installed on a Mac of yours. It is no cloud service. You require a subscription for Merlin Project on Mac, iPhone or iPad and additionally a license for Merlin Server.

How does Merlin Server work exactly?

Publish your project via Merlin Server. Other project members can then subscribe to that project. The project file will be loaded on their device and also only modified there.

Whenever this device is connected to the internet, the local Merlin Project will try to communicate with Merlin Server, in order to synchronize modifications.

You do not have to do anything special to sync changes, it all happens in the background. In case you are offline, Merlin Project will wait patiently until you are back online to sync the latest changes.

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