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How Can I Install Merlin Project 4 and 5 on My Mac Side by Side?

The new Merlin Project 5 data format is compatible with Merlin Project 4, so there is no reason against of a parallel installation. There are two ways to install both versions side by side:

First option: You rename the program "Merlin Project" to "Merlin Project 4" in the Application directory in your Finder, then download the new version from this website and follow the instructions after the download (depending on your settings, the Finder may also display the After that both apps are next to each other:

Install Merlin Project 4 and 5 side by side

Second option: You download Merlin Project 5 from this website. If you move the app to the Applications folder, the Finder will show this alert (depending on your settings, with or without the extension ".app"):

Finder Alert

Click on "Keep Both" and you will see the result in your Applications folder:

Merlin Project as a copy

Optionally, you can rename the copy to "Merlin Project 4" again.

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