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How can I tell which version I have licensed?

If you use Merlin Project 5, just call 'Merlin Project > Preferences > Subscription'. You can check your information by clicking onto the button 'Manage Subscription…'.

If you have license files and wonder to which version they belong to,, please check the file extentions. They differ for the various versions:

  • Merlin 1: .pwreg
  • Merlin 2: .merlinLicense
  • Merlin Project 3: .mprojectl
  • Merlin Project 4: .mprojectl

  • Merlin Server 2: .merlinServerLicense
  • Merlin Server 4: .mserverl

Note: If you can’t see the file extensions, right-click the file name and then click “Get Info”.

During a license installation, the license file will be copied into a specific directory of your Mac. When looking for the actual file on your mac, this is the exact path depending on your Merlin version:

  • Merlin 1 or 2: ~/Library/Application Support/Merlin/Licenses
  • Merlin Project 3: ~/Library/Application Support/Merlin Project/Licenses
  • Merlin Project 4: ~/Library/Containers/net.projectwizards.merlinproject/Data/Library/Application Support/net.projectwizards.merlinproject/Licenses
  • Merlin Server 2: /Library/Application Support/Licenses
  • Merlin Server 4: /Library/Application Support/net.projectwizards.MerlinServer/Shared/Licenses

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