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Welcome to Merlin Project Pro!

The time has come – the development of the next generation of Merlin Project is on the home stretch. Its name: Merlin Project Pro. You’ve come to the right place if you want a little taster of why the new version really deserves to be called »Pro«.

We want you to make up your own mind about Merlin Project Pro, so go ahead and download the latest beta version and discover the future standard in project management on the Mac right now.

The Kanban Board

Do you take a traditional or more of an agile approach to project management? No matter which approach you prefer, Merlin Project Pro’s new Kanban board now paves the way to agile project management.

Just use the Kanban view to gather your to-dos as cards in the left column. Then simply move the cards column-by-column to the right as the project progresses until they are completed.

You can either use the pre-configured Kanban boards or create your own arrangements and card layouts.

And just as you thought it couldn’t get any better – Merlin Project Pro even goes one step further: Once you drag & drop an activity in the Kanban board into the Completed column, the progress bar in your Gantt chart magically gets filled as well. Merlin Project Pro – hybrid project management finally becomes reality.

The Resources Pool

If you’re a project manager who uses resources in multiple projects simultaneously, you’ll know how frustrating it is trying to establish who’s still got some spare capacity and who’s already flat out in their project.

Until now, the only way to plan resources across projects was to invest in additional software. Say goodbye to all that hassle thanks to the Resources pool built into Merlin Project Pro.

Now you can keep an eye on your resources’ utilization level for all projects – both your own and your colleagues’. Organize the entire team in one or even multiple central pool files, and make a note there of working hours plus any vacation, absences, and a whole bunch more. Link your projects with these pool files and you’ll always know how much capacity, if any, your resources have for every project – so you can adapt before it’s too late.


It’s not always a picnic maintaining an overview when working on large and complex projects. But with Merlin Project Pro you get a deep insight into your project’s structure with the help of groupings. These let you answer key project analysis questions in a flash, such as: Which activities eat up the most time? And which of them are on the Critical Path?

It takes a single click to enable built-in groupings. Or you can create as many of your own groupings as you like with one or more combined conditions.

And when you change a value, you’ll see this reflected immediately in the active grouping.

New Style editor

We heard your calls for this feature, so we included it in Merlin Project Pro: Individual styles.

Select any activity and then choose: Bold or italic font? No problem. Bar shaded in gray with a purple border? Done in just a couple of clicks. This feature lets you format individual activities or even entire groups as you like.

You can even go one step further and set element formatting rules. Among the many options available you can have Merlin turn all completed activities green and all overdue ones red – automatically. The new Style editor makes all this easier than ever before.

Fresh new design

We haven’t just been hard at work under the hood – we’ve also given Merlin Project Pro a facelift, with all aspects of the UI now sporting a fresh, clean modern design. But you already noticed, of course ;-).

Be a beta tester

Want to learn more about the latest generation of Merlin Project? Download the free beta version and get to know all the new features right away. But remember: As this is a beta version it’s only meant for brave project managers – not for live use yet. If you spot some odd behavior or you have any questions or suggestions about Merlin Project Pro, just drop us an email.