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The solution for architects’ and engineering offices

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Use Merlin Project instead of Excel at construction management!

The right tool for the right craft. The latest in scheduling and monitoring construction projects is more intuitive, faster and easier than ever. See for yourself, today – free of charge.

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A construction site is a dynamic workplace for all its changing deadlines, fluctuating availabilities of personnel, funds and other resources. Static spreadsheets barely account for this reality, even with cumbersome workarounds. The interdependent processes of a construction project are best represented as connected activities with milestones and assignments in a bar diagram. This way the work schedule evolves as if by magic and automatically adapts to any changes as the project progresses. The calendar functions of Merlin Project contribute by keeping track of vacations, holidays and schedule exceptions for overtime.

Communication with all companies, engineering offices and builders involved with the construction becomes a walk in the park. Keep an optimal overview by simply attaching any kind of data file directly to the activities in the bar diagram: Estimates, e-mails, drafts, photos, videos… All the documents and media are stored and retrieved exactly where they are relevant. Effortlessly prepare your regular meetings by exporting your time schedules as high quality PDFs with fonts and colors according to specifications and requirements. If need be even as MS Project files and Excel tables. Merlin Project also covers printing and plotting in all shapes and sizes, in optimal quality, and markedly non-pixelated.

Merlin Project is a native Macintosh application, there is no need to use MS Project in virtual PC environments. Apple users retain the beloved, intuitive and high performance user interface of macOS. What’s more, the iOS App Merlin Project Go lets you take your plans all the way to the site - in your pocket - and allows for construction monitoring right on your iPhone and iPad. Should you and your partners be working on a common project with multiple licenses of Merlin Project, our patented document synchronization keeps everybody updated instantly.

It’s even easier than it sounds. Test Merlin Project now! Feel free to contact our support for pertinent tips and advice.

Project Management with a bit of Magic!

Merlin Project combines traditional methods with Kanban.