Merlin Project 4.2 rocks the Dropbox

Whether you’re digitizing your company or constructing a warehouse: Major projects are best accomplished in a team. The use of cloud services is a popular option to keep all team members updated. However, conflicting files in shared folders often cause issues. Now there’s a solution to this headache: Merlin Project 4.2 and Merlin Project Go 4.2 now also synchronize via Dropbox – without the typical conflict frustration.

If an architect in the planning office wants to coordinate activities with the site engineer, this can now also be accomplished with ease via a shared Dropbox folder. But whereas users of other applications have to deal with the hassle of conflicting files, project managers who use Merlin Project can now go about their work with a smile. The unique synchronization feature in the software (patent pending) doesn’t just synchronize the projects; it also gathers up conflicting files and resolves these automatically in the associated project.


Posted by Frank Blome on March 27th, 2017 under Products
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Latest of support

Understanding and resolving scheduling conflicts

From time to time we receive in support following question:
Why does Merlin show some text and dates in red?

These are rows with scheduling conflicts.
Just hover with the mouse over a red colored text. Merlin will show the current scheduling conflict or warning in a tool tip.

To see all scheduling warnings and conflicts, just call 'Window > Show warnings' and switch to the 'Scheduling' tab.

The conflict in the selected row comes from the fact that an exact start date and time point of 7:00 AM had been entered. This time point lies outside the working time, so Merlin pushes the group (and its children activities) to the next possible time point (that is at 8:00 AM).

This is the warning you see here.

Resolving the conflict

  • Do you really want to schedule it at 7:00 AM?
    You need to fix the start date.

  • 7:00 AM is not correct?
    You can remove it or adjust to 8:00 AM.

Posted by Vicky Stamatopoulou on March 14th, 2017 under Products
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Using Sub-Level Filter Options

Ever have used filter on your project? Great!
This is a handy way to search for some content or values.

Additionally it does refine the view you are using, reducing data to your temporary needs.

So let´s use a simple project with six tasks defined in two groups and three resources assigned:

Let´s filter down to tasks that contain ,Activity 1’ in their name but not the one ending on ,.2’:

That has been simple. Now we would like to view additionally all tasks assigned to resource ,R1’. Using the same options on one level, we are stuck:

At this point it is time to use sub-levels of options.
Press and hold the ,Alt’-Key while selecting the ,+’. An indented line of options will be inserted.
This way you can combine the operator ,All’ and ,Any’ in a way, that will do the trick.

By combining ,All’ and ,Any’ in different levels, you get ,endless' possible combinations and a great way to redefine the Merlin view you are using.

Posted by Peter Meier on March 2nd, 2017 under Products
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