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5 questions about project management
with Jeff Haynor

Coffee Talk

Before we leave the office for the weekend, we stop for a quick coffee talk with our project management colleagues to chat about their best practices. Well, not literally, but that's how we designed our interview series "5 questions about project management". To be fast, intense and refreshing like a good cup of coffee.

Today, we’ll talk to Jeff Haynor. He is the CIO of Orion Integrated Information Technology which provides Mac business solutions for customer relationship management and project management. Jeff is known in the Apple Community as the Apple Store Liaison for Daylite CRM & Productivity Suite and Merlin Project.


Posted by Paul Henkel on March 30th, 2018 under Project Management
Tags: 5Questions project management

Merlin Project: One file, more users

You are working with Merlin Project in a team and need to edit the same file?

If so, you know that when you edit for example your data in the 'Work breakdown' and another user is changing to the 'Resources' view, your application will also synchronize the view and show the 'Resources'.

How to work in a team using a shared project file and thereby still have the option of independent views?


The Merlin Project magic now also on the iPad

Kanban, Mindmap and WBS on Mac and iPad. Try now for 30 days for free.