Create documents

To open or create a document in Merlin Project Go, tap the plus icon on the bottom right.


You can choose between following options in the selection menu:

  • New Document…

  • Load Document…

Go:Document selection

Tap one of the options to open a new project. The individual options are explained in the following.

New Document

Use this option to create a new document in Merlin Project Go. Tap "New Document" to access the templates.

Go:Create documents

Create a new project by tapping either "Empty Document" or one of the templates. Now enter a file name for the new document.

Go:Document name

Load Document

Use this option to load documents shared by a Merlin Server and/or located on your iCloud Drive or a Dropbox account. Tap a configured Merlin Server account, to load a shared file from that Merlin Server, or tap on "Manage Accounts…" to create a new Merlin Server account.

If the file you want to load is located on your iCloud Drive, tap the "iCloud Drive" option to select the project file from that path.

If the file you want to load is located on a Dropbox account, you need to use the "Manage Accounts…" option and create a new Dropbox account. To load a file from that account, you then tap the "Dropbox"

Go:Load Documents

Document from Server / Dropbox

To synchronize and publish documents for shared use with other users over Merlin Project Server or Dropbox you need to configure a Merlin Project Server or Dropbox account.

Go:Merlin Server

Merlin Project Servers, which are located in the same local network as your iOS device, will appear automatically in the list under "Discovered Servers" thanks to Bonjour.

Tap one of the discovered servers and it will be added to the "Accounts" list and can now be used.

Tip To add remote Merlin Project Servers or Dropbox to the list, tap "Add Account".

Merlin Project Servers or Dropbox accounts which are available and have been added appear in the "Accounts" list.

Tap the i icon to access additional information and to view the settings of the Merlin Project Server / Dropbox.

Go:Merlin Server settings

In terms of a Merlin Server account, you can view, change, and save the following options here:

  • Name

  • Server Address

  • Port

  • Tenant (optional)

  • Management Password (optional)

Go:Change Merlin Server settings

iCloud Drive

Documents stored on an iCloud Drive can be opened in Merlin Project Go. To do this, you need an Apple ID with iCloud and an activated iCloud Drive.

Go:iCloud Drive

Please refer to the Applewebsite for further information on how to use iCloud and iCloud Drive.


The "Locations" option lists installed apps which support the saving of Merlin Project Go documents.

Tap on "More".

Only cloud services such as Drive and Box are listed. You can use these to manage and save your project files. It is not, however, possible to synchronize your files such as using Apple’s iCloud Drive or a Dropbox account.

Please refer to our website for further information.

Opening documents from the server

Tap a Merlin Project server in the list to establish a connection.

Go:Server list

The first time you connect to a Merlin Project Server, a prompt will appear asking for a self signed certificate.

Go:Server certificate

You can choose one of three options from the prompt.

  • Proceed

  • Details

  • Cancel

Tap "Proceed" to create a one-time connection to the server.

Tip Tap "Details" for further information and to permanently trust the server for future connections. To do this, tap "Trust" on the top right corner in the Details view.
Go:Server details
Note A trusted server will then appear in the upper server selection for later login.

Tap "Cancel" and no connection will be established to the Merlin Project Server.

Once the connection has been established, a list of all projects on the Merlin Project Server will appear.


If no documents appear in the list, ask your administrator whether at least one document has been published on the server or if the projects are invisible when accessing them anonymously.

Tap a document to subscribe to it.

Password protected documents

Documents can be password protected using a username and password. A padlock icon indicates that projects are password protected. If you select such a project, the verification page will appear which you must first log in to.

Note Verification requires you to be configured as a user in the project.

Enter the name and password. Using the option "Remember password in Keychain" the password will be saved on your iOS device for later verification purposes.

Once done, tap "Login".


If the project contains media as attachments, you can download these directly to your iOS device. In doing so, the size of the media will be displayed.

Go:Project media

To do this, move the slider to the right and then tap "Load" on the top right.

Note This process may take a while depending on the size of the media and the bandwidth of the connection.

Using Merlin Project Go

Once you have opened a project or created a new one, you will be taken to the Documents view where all the projects are listed.

Synchronized documents (from Merlin Server, iCloud Drive or Dropbox) are marked with an icon. Documents created on the iOS device are not marked with this icon.

Go:Project documents

Select a document to work on it. You will see the Work Breakdown in a selected project.

Go:Project in project


You navigate the project structure or to access the Inspector using the two row areas shown.

Go:Project rows left and right

Tap on an item of content on the left in the row (red) and the structure or additional content will be displayed.

Tap on the completion icon on the right in the row (blue) and the relevant Inspector will be opened.


Work on Projects

In terms of scope, Merlin Project Go supports the same functions as Merlin Project so the individual functions and not explained explicitly here. To familiarize with Merlin Project, please refer to the information provided in the Merlin Project Support area of our website.

Important Merlin Project Go does not import OPML or CSV files. Please use Merlin Project to import OPML or CSV files and then save it for the use with Merlin Project Go.


Swipe the row to the left to delete objects and access other options such as moving activities.

Go:More and Delete


Tap "More" and additional options will appear.

Go:More options

You can choose between following options:

  • Rename…

  • Share…

  • Publish…

"Share" exports the document.

"Publish" moves the document, for example to the iCloud drive or Dropbox account.


When viewing the Work breakdown, swipe the row to the left and tap on "Move" to re-order the objects within the project structure.

Go:Move and Delete


You can input a range of information in the Inspector. Change the Inspector tab by tapping the icons along the top.

Go:Edit Inspector

Tap "Edit" on the top right to edit the information. Tap a field or on an item of content itself (in the case of text) to change it. To integrate the changes, tap "Done" on the top right.

Project views

The project views are located on the bottom edge. They are divided into:

  • Work Breakdown

  • Resources

  • Assignments

Work Breakdown

By default, Merlin Project Go displays projects in the "Work Breakdown - Entry" view. Tap "Work Breakdown" and a drop-down menu will appear with the "Attachments" option. When selecting an activity with assignments, the "Assignments" option will also be displayed in the drop-down menu.

Go:Change view

Tap "Entry" and a list will appear with all built-in and custom project view configurations.

Go:Change view 2

If you rotate your iOS device to a horizontal position when in the main project view, the mobile Gantt chart will appear. Tap the tool icon on the bottom left for additional display options.

Go:Landscape mode


The "Resources" view shows all resources configured in the project.


Tap the plus icon on the top right corner to add new resources.

Tap the Resources row to access the resource attachments.

Go:Resource attachments

Tap the resource icon to access the Resources Inspector.

Go:Resources Inspector

There are four different project view configurations for the Resources view. By default, the entry view is active. Tap "Entry" and you will see the selection list as shown.

Go:Resources view


The "Assignments" view shows all assignments created in the project.


Tap the Assignments row to access the resource’s assigned activities.

Go:Assigned activities

Tap the Assignment icon on the right-hand edge of the row to access the Resources Inspector.

Go:Resources Inspector

There are four different project view configurations for the Assignments view. By default, the entry view is active. Tap "Entry" and you will see the selection list as shown.

Go:Assignments view

Create assignments

To create assignments, at least one resource must be configured in the project.

If no resources exists, tap the plus icon in the Resources view. A new resource will be configured.

If Resources exist. Tap the desired activity in the Work Breakdown.

Go:Create assignments

The top-most activity is highlighted in gray and ready for an assignment. Tap the plus icon

to access the Resources list. Tap a resource and this will be assigned to the previously selected activity.

Go:Select assignments


Tap the gear icon to access the settings menu


This menu includes the following options:

  • Project Settings

  • Sync

  • Work Area

  • Report a bug

  • About Merlin Project Go

Project Settings

The Project Settings are divided into two parts: General project settings and Utilization settings.


Under "General" you can configure the general settings for the project.

Go:General settings

Settings are available for the following areas:

  • Date Presets

  • Work

  • Duration

  • Dynamic Planning

  • Currency


Under "Utilization" you can configure the utilization settings for the project.

Go:Utilization settings

Settings are available for the following areas:

  • Utilization Thresholds

  • Resource Leveling


In the "Sync" settings, information is available about the shared use of the document.

If the document is shared via a Merlin Project Server, you can find the server here as well as additional information.

Go:Sync server settings

If the document is not yet shared, you can find additional information about Merlin Project Server here as well as the option to share a document on a Merlin Project Server.

Go:Sync without settings

Work Area

In the "Work Area" settings, you can find options for shared documents, which allow you to work on the project independently and separately from the other users.

Go:Work Area settings
Note This function unleashes its full potential when used by multiple users.
Go:Work Area settings

When you start using a Work Area, you can choose from two options:

  • Public Work Area (default)

  • Private Work Area

The »Publish« option lets you transfer changes from the Private Work Area and make them available to all users. Otherwise, delete the changes using the delete option and restore the document to its original state.

The "Integrate" option lets you integrate changes made in the Public Work Area.

Report a bug

This option lets you provide feedback directly by email to our Development team.

Go:Report bug

About Merlin Project Go

Here you can find information about Merlin Project Go and the version.



iOS version 9.1 or later is required to install Merlin Project Go (64-bit system recommended):



By default, you remove an app in iOS by keeping a finger held on the app icon. The app is then removed from the iOS device by tapping the »X« that then appears.


Subscription Model

Merlin Project Go is paid for on a subscription basis. This means, the app can continue to be used as long as a subscription is active.

Once a subscription is taken out, Merlin Project Go is free of charge to use for the specified period.

After that, the subscription renews automatically and becomes chargeable. This subscription can be canceled at any time and renewed again whenever needed.

If the subscription is canceled, Merlin Project Go can no longer be used. However, any documents created up to that point can be exported for use with other apps.

If a subscription is taken out again, the documents and Merlin Project Go can be used without restriction.

Note Further information on managing subscriptions can be found on the Apple website: